Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store's Opening. Magnum Pink & Black Launch.


Last Friday, I was invited to attend the opening of Magnum Singapore's Pleasure Store at Clarke Quay's Central Fountain Square. The concept store opening coincided with the launch of two new ice cream flavours, Magnum Pink and Magnum Black, available island wide from  1 August 2013.

Thanks, Magnum, for the OPI nail polish! Am wearing both colours on my toes!
Goodies in Magnum's  Invitation Box

The launch party had a Pink and Black colour theme and the dress code indicated on the invitation card was: "A touch of pink and black". To help guests dress to the theme, pink and black OPI nail polish and cufflinks were included in the invitation box. The cake pops and Champagne were a nice touch which I reckon would help to put us in the mood on the day of the party.

Magnum Party's Live Moodometer

Guests were encouraged to tweet using hashtags #MakeItPink or #MakeItBlack to influence the mood and colour of the party. Tweets were featured on the interactive screen called the "Live Moodometer" behind the hosts, Jaymee Ong and Paul Foster. Jaymee was clad in beautiful couture dress, designed by Cute Circuit, that was fitted with a layer of "intelligent fabric". The fabric contained high-density LEDs which were controlled by an app that communicated Twitter votes #MakeItPink or #MakeItBlack to the dress, thereby influencing the colour and design that flashes on the dress.

Magnum Pink Marc de Champagne
Magnum Pink
Pink Marc de Champagne ice cream coated with a pearly pink layer of chocolate sauce

Featuring a pink Marc de Champagne ice cream coated with a pearlescent pink layer of chocolate sauce, Magnum Pink was made for those with a fun and frivolous side. I tried some because it seemed more exciting, besides the pink packaging and ice cream went perfectly with my pink outfit. Although the ice cream was just a little too sweet for my liking, I liked how I could taste the champagne albeit minus the bubbles.

6 steps to designing your very own Magnum
Design your own Magnum

I didn't try Magnum Black, which comprises espresso coffee swirled into vanilla ice cream and encased with dark chocolate, as I was saving some tummy room for a bespoke creation that awaited me in the Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store.

Gold Flakes to top my Magnum

You get to choose from an interesting array of toppings for your Magnum. I was in the mood to indulge so I chose Gold Flakes as one of my toppings.

Dipping our Magnums in Dark Chocolate Coating

It was an interesting experience to watch the Pleasure Makers behind the bar putting our toppings in a cocktail shaker and coating the ice cream in chocolate sauce.

Topping my Magnum

The Pleasure Makers topped our ice cream with our selected toppings before drizzling the creation with the chocolate sauce of our choice. Like a kid in a candy store, I waited eagerly for my bespoke Magnum bar to be ready.

Magnum Noir et Or avec des Amandes et Sel Marin par superfinefeline. Dark Chocolate Magnum with Gold Flakes, Almond Flakes & Sea Salt drizzled with dark chocolate sauce
Magnum Noir et Or avec des Amandes et Sel Marin par superfinefeline
Dark Chocolate Magnum with Gold Flakes, Almond Flakes & Sea Salt drizzled with dark chocolate sauce

Here's my creation. I named it after its' ingredients. Doesn't it look incredible? I loved the rich flavour of the dark chocolate, the crunch of the gold flakes, the nuttiness of the almond flakes and the savoury lift offered by the sea salt. Other than certain spots having a little too much salt, the combination was awesome as it married rich dark chocolate with creamy vanilla ice cream with flavour accents from the almond flakes and sea salt. If you're into savoury touches in your dessert, I highly recommend adding some sea salt to your creation. Designing your own Magnum at the Magnum Pleasure Store is a Must-Try!

Are you ready for some sinful pleasures? Surely anything pleasurable should only be good for your soul! #makeitpink #makeitblack #magnum
Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store

In addition to bespoke Magnum bars, The Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store features a variety of dessert creations and Magnum-inspired cocktails that will tickle your fancy. The pop-up store will be roving around Singapore with its first stop at Clarke Quay Central Fountain from 27 July till 26 August 2013. Check out their Facebook page for details on the next location of the Magnum Bar.

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store
@ Clarke Quay Central Fountain from 27 July to 26 August.
Operating Hours: Daily from 12 pm to 11 pm.
PS: Magnum collaborates with the Rainforest Alliance to source all key agricultural raw material such as cocoa sustainably. PPS: Thank you, Magnum Singapore and GolinHarris, for the kind hospitality.