Spezial Bosna from Gyros Kebab @ Salzburg, Austria

Due to an unforeseen hiccup in my sightseeing plans, I had some time to kill at the Salzburg train station while waiting for my high speed train back to Munich.
I explored the vicinity for a bit but the fragrance of sizzling sausages on a hot grill lured me back to the  Kebab cafe at the station. It was then that I had the awesome experience of savouring Bosna Sausages, a taste that I will never forget and that I hope to be able to enjoy again.

Spezial Bosna @ EUR3.30 - Gyros Kebab (HBF Salzburg) Spezial Bosna @ EUR3.30

I wasn't terribly hungry but I had to try the Spezial Bosna. At EUR3.30, it was a cheap snack for the price of a cup of coffee.
The hot, grilled pork and veal bratwurst sausages were served within a toasted Bosnian Pita Pocket (Lepinje), with mayonnaise, thinly shredded lettuce, curry powder and dried chili flakes. The heat and hot oil that oozed slightly from the freshly grilled sausage enhanced the flavour of the spices in the curry powder and gave an extra oomph to the dried chili flakes. I had initially planned to try a little of the sandwich, eat up all the sausage and spice and toss the pocket out. However, the perfect balance of saltiness from the sausages, spiciness from the curry and chili, creaminess of the mayo and refreshing sweetness of the lettuce was too delicious to ignore. I found myself finishing it all up. This is definitely a MUST-TRY!
Gyros Kebab (Yousef) @ HBF Salzburg
Apparently the best Bosna Sausages are to be found in Salzburg, Austria so if you're ever in Salzburg definitely give it a try. I got my dose at this Turkish Kebab cafe, which is very accessible since it is located at the street level of the main train station in Salzburg.
Gyros Kebab (Yousef)
Hauptbanhof Salzburg
Südtiroler Platz 1
Salzburg 5020