Happy Hour @ Stereolounge

J and I met for Happy Hour and bar bites at Stereolounge in Pan Pacific before partying the night away in StereoLab some weeks back.
We love Lychee Martinis so we were thrilled that they were giving out free Lychee Martinis to ladies during Happy Hour! :)

Twin Martinis

Lychee Martinis

Here's a pic of my partially drunk Lychee Martini and J's freshly made Lychee Martini. I don't drink much alcoholic beverages but Lychee Martini is one of my favourite cocktails. The Lychee Martinis here were just the right balance of sweetness and alcohol. I liked it as it was easy on my palate without being cloyingly sweet nor intoxicatingly strong.

Lychee Martini - up close & personal
We love lychees too so we thought it was great that the bartenders were so generous with the lychees! Yippee!

Crispy Fried Whitebait with Cayenne Pepper & Arugula Salad
Crispy Fried Whitebait @ S$10

We were hungry so we ordered some bar bites off the menu. We started with a platter of Crispy Fried Whitebait. It arrived tossed with some Arugula leaves and lightly-dusted with Paprika. The batter was light, crisp and not too greasy. The whitebait was moist, lightly seasoned and juicy. This is much better than the whitebait I had during lunch at The Queen & Mangosteen. The Whitebait here is a Must-Try!

Rosemary Beef Skewers
Rosemary Beef Skewer @ S$14

Next we had a serving of Rosemary Beef Skewers. The succulent chunks of grilled beef had deliciously browned edges which added a smoky flavour that I love. I wished we had more but then we had to pace ourselves as we had more food on the way.

Mini Wagyu Burger
Mini Grilled Wagyu Beef Burger
Free during Happy Hours (6-8pm, Mondays to Fridays)

While waiting for our other dishes to arrive, we nibbled on Mini Grilled Wagyu Beef Burgers that were being given out free to all patrons during Happy Hour. They were deliciously moist and tasty.

Bellini @ Stereolounge

We made friends with a girl at the next table as she had seemed a little bored sitting there alone while waiting for her late friends to arrive. She told us that the Bellinis were pretty good too and they were being served free to ladies during Happy Hour. I was curious and had to try it. It was deliciously peachy though just a tad too sweet for me.

Empanadas - Chicken Bechamel
Cayenne-spiced Bechamel Chicken Baked Empanadas @ S$10

Next we had some baked empanadas. I've never had an empanada before but they seemed interesting. I wished there was a little more Cayenne Pepper in the Bechamel sauce to add more oomph but the juicy chicken chunks made up for my disappointment on the spice front. It was like eating a local curry puff with a creamy filling except the pastry was baked and thus offers a slightly healthier alternative to deep-fried curry puffs. I think I will give the other flavours a try the next time I visit.

Grilled Squid
Grilled Squid @ S$12

The Grilled Squid was awesome! The texture was the right balance of tenderness with a bit of bite without being too tough. The flavour of the squid was deliciously smoky and not overly salty. This is a Must-Try!

Mojito @ Stereolounge
Mojito @ S$16

I needed a light and refreshing drink to end the meal and so I ordered a glass of Mojito. It didn't have as much mint or lime as I would have liked. I think the Berry Jammed Mojito (S$18) that I had the previous week would have been a better option. It's J's favourite drink at Stereolounge/Stereolab.
At about 9.30pm, the staff came around to affix admission stamps on all our wrists for complimentary entry into Stereolab. The party's just beginning...
Stereolounge / Stereolab
Ground Floor, Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard,
Singapore 039595
Telephone: +65 6337-0800

Mondays to Fridays: 6pm till late
Saturdays & Sundays: 8pm till late
Happy Hour Promotion (Mondays to Fridays @ Stereolounge):
- Complimentary Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers from 6pm till 8pm
- 25% discount on all standard drinks from 6pm till 10pm
- Complimentary Watermelon / Lychee Martinis for Ladies from 6pm till 8pm

Stereolab's Operating Hours:
Wednesdays: 9pm till 3am
Fridays & Saturdays: 10pm till 4am
Cover: S$28 (includes 2 drinks)
Door Rules: Minimum Age of 21 years for ladies & 23 for men