Recession Friendly Yong Tau Hu @ Bedok South

My favourite hawker dish at Bedok South Food Centre is Fish Ball Noodles from Hock Seng Choon. During one of my visits to the hawker centre, I decided to try the Yong Tau Hu as there was such a long line at the stall (I was the 12th person in line).

S$1.50 Yong Tau Hu @ Bedok South
Yong Tau Hu @ S$1.50 (abt US$0.97) for 7 pieces

I realised why there was a long line. The Yong Tau Hu here is a steal at S$1.50 with noodles and 7 pieces. Wow! In a regular foodcourt in Singapore, one would have to pay about S$3.50 - S$4.00 for a similar bowl of Yong Tau Hu. This made me wonder how much of the cost of a bowl of Yong Tau Hu is due to rental expenses. I couldn't help but wonder if the Yong Tau Hu would be palatable and if it was worth the wait. I asked an elderly gentleman in line behind me if he has tried it before. Apparently he's a regular customer.

When I tried the Yong Tau Hu, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it certainly didn't taste like a sloppy version. The broth was well-seasoned with the flavour of soy beans and ikan bilis (anchovies). The fishball and tofu pieces were fresh. Though the fishball did not contain as much fish paste as the ones sold by Hock Seng Choon, they were reasonably delicious (as far as most Yong Tau Hu stalls go).

Yam Rice - Bedok South Hawker Centre
Yam Rice @ S$0.50

The Yam Rice here was tasty though I wished it contained more chunks of yam.

Recession Friendly Yong Tau Hu

Overall, it was a satisfying meal and at the cost of a cup of Killiney Kopitiam coffee. No wonder they seemed to have so many regular clients. There was an elderly man in line behind me who told me that he comes by often with his family.

Block 16 Bedok South Road
Singapore 460016

* NB: The price has increased to S$0.30 per piece of Yong Tau Hoo. (Price increase was done around the end of Feb 09 or early Mar 09)