Hock Seng Choon Fish Ball

The humble fish ball is one of my favourite foods. I crave fish balls if I'm away from Singapore for weeks. One of life's simple pleasures!

Why all the fuss over a ball that is moulded from fish paste? A well-made fish ball is richly flavoured with the sweetness of the fish paste and is bouncy, which makes for an interesting texture when you're biting into it.

My all-time favourite fish ball stall is Hock Seng Choon located within the hawker centre at Block 16, Bedok South Road. I've been eating their fish balls since I was a student. After all these years and after trying so many other fish ball stalls, I still come back to this stall for my ultimate fish ball fix. Why the fixation? I love the texture and flavour of their fish ball, they are pretty generous with their fish paste. Alot of hawker stalls add too much flour to make the fish paste go a longer way and to make larger fish balls, thus the resultant fish ball is rubbery and tastes bland.

Another reason why I love this stall's noodles is because the chili sauce that they use (if you order the "dry" version) is very spicy! I love spicy food and the chili sauce is definitely not one to be trifled with. The noodles are also cooked al dente. I think many of us would agree that there is nothing worse than soggy noodles or pasta. We are discerning adults, in addition to flavour, we want texture in our food and not a soggy mass that borders on being baby food. Although this picture shows that not much care has been given to presentation, the taste is out of this world. I feel that food presentation makes up about 30% of the entire dining experience. Ultimately, food needs to taste nice to make good the promise that its presentation offers.