New Taiwan Porridge @ Amoy Street

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This is my favourite place for Taiwan Porridge! Its relatively close to my office and on some days when my craving is particularly strong, I try to convince my lunch buddies to brave the heat (or rain) to go for a comforting porridge meal. I used to have 2 favourite places for Taiwan Porridge. Unfortunately, the other location which is pretty close to my home, has since changed operators and the food is no longer as good as it was before.

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Stewed Peanuts with Tofu & Ikan Bilis - SGD1.20

The standard appetizer is a tasty dish of stewed peanuts with tofu and ikan bilis (an Asian Anchovy) @ SGD1.20. It doesn't look terribly appetizing but its definitely worth chomping into as it tastes far better than it looks (unless of course you're allergic or have a strong aversion to any of the ingredients).

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What I like about the porridge here is that it is smooth and thick (like the texture of Cantonese Congee) and has bits of sweet potatoes to add to the sweetness. I generally do not like sweet potatoes so though I enjoy the mellow sweet flavour that it imparts to the porridge, I tend to give away my bits of sweet potatoes to my companions. I think they probably used Calrose Rice/Pearl Rice to make their porridge. I sometimes use these types of rice to cook plain porridge at home as the end-result is similar to that of Cantonese Congee.

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Chye Poh (Salted Radish) Omelette - SGD5.00

I love the Chye Poh Omelette here as it is prepared to order unlike most Teochew or Taiwan porridge places that fry large batches, leave them on display and serve cold portions when ordered.

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Sufficient oil (read: quite alot) was used in frying the omelette thus yielding a fluffy omelette with fabulously brown edges. Despite having been cooked with a copious amount of oil, it was nice to note that the oil was hot enough such that the omelette was not oozing too much oil at the table. The chye poh (salted radish) was not excessively salty nor sweet, the omelette was deliciously infused with its flavour and it went well with the chili dipping sauce. It was a perfect complement to the porridge. This is definitely a MUST-TRY!

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Pan-Fried Cod with House Special Sauce - SGD27.00

One of the House Specialties is Pan-Fried Cod with Special Sauce. I love cod as the flesh is moist and sweet, though the sides of the fish may be crisp and brown from pan-frying. This is one of my favourite dishes and is also a Must-Try! By the way, if you're gawking at the price of the dish, do note that cod prices have risen drastically due to overfishing and the resultant lack of supply. I love cod but I'm trying not to order it as often these days as an effort to play a small part in preserving the cod population.

Fried Seafood Tofu.JPG

Deep-Fried Seafood Tofu - SGD8.00

Another of my favourites is Deep-Fried Seafood Tofu. The blocks of tofu are homemade and have fragrantly crisp sides which reveal a soft and flavoursome interior when bitten into. This is definitely worth a try!


Fresh Cockles - SGD8.00

Yet another of my favourite dishes here is Fresh Raw Cockles (cockles are also known as "See Haam" or "Haam" for short in Singaporean slang) which is served with a tangy and spicy dip with minced garlic bits. Ahhh...nothing like crunching onto a succulent piece of fresh cockle dipped in an appetizing spicy, tangy dipping sauce to warm the cockles of my heart. :) This is not for the faint-hearted ("haam-less" folks in my lingo) but for fellow "haam-ful" foodies, don't you agree that the cockles here look great!?! This is a MUST-TRY!

Minced Pork with Olives.JPG

Minced Pork with Olives

I didn't get a chance to order this dish on my last visit as my lunch companion was not too hot on pork. Regular readers of my blog and friends of mine know that I don't like pork in general. However, this dish is so well-seasoned with the salty flavour of olives that it masks the porky odour that I dislike. Besides, I happen to love olives so that's another factor that makes this dish great! Its a wonderful complement to the porridge and is a MUST-TRY!
New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant 110 Amoy Street, Singapore 069930 Tel: 6324-8310

Operating Hours: Daily: 11.30 am to 2.30pm & 6.00 pm to 12.30am

* No GST or Service Charge