Miharu Ramen - Round 2

Since my first visit to Miharu, I'd been eager to head back for another visit. Carol and I met for dinner @ Miharu on a cool Friday evening.I was able to get off work a little earlier than expected and as the weather was very cool, I walked to Robertson Quay from Raffles Place. I like walking along the riverside (past Brewerkz @ Riverside Point, towards Robertson Quay) as its almost therapeutic after a hectic work week. The knowledge that I was headed for a comforting dinner of ramen helped to put a spring in my step.

Along the way, I couldn't help snapping a picture of Alkaff Bridge, which is situated near the former Alkaff Quay. It was built in 1997 and repainted in 2004 by the late Pacita Abad using 52 different colours.

Shoyu Ramen @ Miharu.JPG

Carol ordered the Tokusen Sho-Yu Ramen. I sampled some of the broth and it was really salty. Miharu Ramen is known amongst my foodie friends as having the saltiest broths in town but we're happy to indulge as it is true to tradition. The Sho-Yu broth (after your palate recovers from the initial onslaught of salt) was richly flavoured with the stock of chicken and pork bones.

The shoyu broth reminded me of the ramen I had at Inoue Ramen, a famous store close to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo some years back. There is almost always a long line of people outside the store. Since we had gotten up late and missed the action in Tsukiji, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to have a bowl of ramen before checking out the market and the sushi restaurants close by. Trouble is, the only way to enjoy the steaming hot bowl of ramen is to stand at a table on the sidewalk alongside the other slurping ramen fans. We found a little cart on the side of the road, which worked like a table (if you sit on the ground). Ooh! a table with a seat! I parked myself there while my travel companion queued to order. It was well worth the wait and the "unglam" seating arrangement for it was one of the best bowls of Tokyo Ramen I ever had.

Tokusen Miso Ramen @ Miharu.JPG
On my previous visit, I was pretty disappointed by the Chili Miso Ramen and so I was determined to try a different flavour. I ordered the Tokusen Miso Ramen this time. Apparently Tokusen (特選) means "premium quality, with an implication of limited quantity". The broth was alot saltier than that of the Sho-Yu Ramen. I love savoury food but even I felt that this was a little too salty. After the initial "shock" to the taste buds, I found that the rich flavour of the miso broth added oomph to the springy noodles. The stewed egg and char siew were pretty bland in comparison with many other places I've eaten at but it was a good balance to the salty broth. I literally soaked my char siew and egg in the broth, which got pretty addictive after a while.

Unless you have a health condition forbidding you from having excessive salt in your diet, the ramen here is a Must-Try!

Miharu 76 Robertson Quay, #01-11 Gallery Hotel Tel: +65 6733-8464

Operating Hours: Lunch: 12 - 3pm & Dinner: 6 - 9pm (closed on Wednesdays)