Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant

After our shopping expedition at Vivocity, LB and I planned to head home. However we were a little hungry & so we adjourned to Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant for supper. Though we were not terribly hungry, we wanted some variety. LB asked me to recommend some stuff & I ordered 3 of my favourite dishes.
We ordered a mix of typical salted accompaniments for our Taiwanese Porridge (which is cooked with Sweet Potato chunks). It consisted of Salted Duck Eggs (our common favourite), Salted Fish (I love this!), Pickled Lettuce (which LB liked) and Gluten (which we both hate).

After a day full of snacks, we figured, why not top it off with a "Haam-ful" dish of fresh Cockles served with a spicy chili sauce fortified with vinegar and minced garlic. The cockles here are very fresh and went very well with the chili!

No visit to this restaurant is ever complete for me without ordering the Chye Poh Omelette. What I like about the Chye Poh (salted radish) Omelette here is that it is freshly fried upon ordering unlike many other Teochew or Taiwan porridge places that fry large batches, leave them out and serve cold portions when ordered. A good thing (or bad thing if you're a health freak) is that there is sufficient oil used in frying the omelette thus yielding a fluffy omelette. LB & I enjoyed this dish very much as the salted radish was not excessively salty nor sweet and the omelette was nicely infused with the flavour of the salted radish. This is a MUST-TRY!
Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant
Oasis Building
50 Stadium Boulevard,
Singapore 397796
Tel: 6346-4418
Operating Hours
Mon-Sun: 11am-2.45pm &
*PS. this place should be open on the eve of Public Hols too for I've been here for supper on Xmas Eve.