Crab Tang Hoon, Lobster Noodles & Kway Chap @ Ya Kwang

I told my parents about a fabulous cze char place, Ya Kwang Dai Pai Dong, that Alice brought Carol and I to 2 Saturdays ago. I found myself eating there the next day and the following Saturday (my mum's idea).

Ya Kwang's Shopfront.JPG

I wanted to restrain myself for the sake of watching my cholesterol intake but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. My plans went out the window once the aroma of the dishes wafted to my nostrils. I figured that I could abstain from rich food for the next few weeks to make up for my gastronomic indiscretions. *Yeah, right!*

Kway Chap @ YKDPD.JPG

Kway Chap
(Flat Rice Noodles served in a Soy Sauce Broth & served with various side dishes)

This place is famous for a Teochew hawker dish known as Kway Chap. Kway refers to the steamed rice noodle sheets that are usually cut into large squares or triangles, while Chap refers to the broth that it is served in.

Kway Chap side dishes - Ya Kwang

Sides for Kway Chap
(Left: Braised duck, eggs & salted vegetables Right: Braised Pork)

It is usually served with braised pig offal, braised duck meat, braised pork, braised hard-boiled eggs, stewed salted vegetables, and a few kinds of braised beancurd [eg. Tau Pok - Fried Beancurd Puff & Tau Kwa - Pressed Beancurd]. Depending on the skill of the hawker, the thinness and smoothness of the sheets can vary. The kway were thin, soft and silky smooth. The broth was flavourful with a hint of star anise. This has to be the best Kway that I've ever had!

Lobster Noodles (front).JPG

Boston Lobster Noodles @ S$60 per 700 grams
(prior bookings required for lobsters)

The Boston Lobster Noodles came highly recommended by Alice.

Spoonful of Lobster Noodle.JPG

The flesh from the lobster was succulent and firm. I loved the dish as the noodles had absorbed the rich flavour of the fresh lobster.

Crab Tang Hoon.JPG

Crab Tang Hoon @ S$28
(price varies according to the size of the crabs)

Alice told me to try the Crab Tang Hoon (mung bean vermicelli) on my next visit. It was a hit with my family members and even with my Grandma (who can be a harsh critic of food)!

Spoonful of Tang Hoon.JPG

I loved this dish as the Tang Hoon was completely infused with the flavour of the crab and the seasoning. The flesh of the crab was very sweet and succulent. The Tang Hoon here is thick and very smooth, which is unlike the normal tang hoon that one normally gets but is like the tang hoon found in Yuk Gae Jang. It was tastier than the lobster noodles. Do give both a try but if you're pressed to choose only one of the two, I say go with the Crab Tang Hoon.

Other Dishes @ Ya Kwang

Top Row: Steamed Clams, Steamed Bamboo Clams & Choy Sum with Mushrooms
Bottom Row: Teochew-style steamed fish, HK-Style steamed Salmon Head & Fresh Coconut

The mosaic above shows the rest of the dishes that I tried. My preferred dishes were the Steamed Clams, Choy Sum and Teochew-style Steamed Fish. If you enjoy vongole like I do, definitely go for the Steamed Clams!

Jason (the owner) had quit his job as a SQ flight attendant to start the business. I'm glad he did else I wouldn't have had the opportunity to savour his Kway Chap, Lobster Noodles and Crab Tang Hoon. These 3 dishes are definitely a MUST-TRY!

Ya Kwang Dai Pai Dong
709 Geylang Road (at the corner of Lorong 37)
Singapore 389624
Tel: 6747-6631
HP: 9817-0006 (Jason Tan)

Open Daily from 11am to 11pm

* PS: Jason has migrated to Perth.
Ya Kwang's former shop space is now occupied by a Teochew Porridge Stall (stall update by reader, HW - Thanks for writing in).