Pancakes are my all time favourite breakfast food! I love all kinds of pancakes & crêpes! :)

I happened to stumble across this video about making English Pancakes while surfing YouTube. English Pancakes are similar to French Crêpes as they are thinner than American ones. Whatever the style, I love them all...except for rubbery ones! The video was sooo cute, I had to share it with everyone.

Here's what the uploader had to say about his masterpiece:

A short music video about making pancakes =)
This video has been on ABC's "Good Morning America" show, 16th August.
It has also been aired on Fox news in America, Sky News, and Five News in Britain and on ABC (Austrailain Broadcasting Company) in Australia.

I live in Scotland, these are British pancakes which are like Crépes, to clear up the confusion. Lemon and Sugar is very popular on pacakes here.

It took over a week to make this, it's the most heavily edited project I have done yet, and it was not easy at all, but I have created something that I'm very proud of =)

Song written, performed and produced by me, video written, edited and filmed by me. MP3 available on my website! James Provan