Au Revoir - Jin Hang Sichuan

This is my 3rd and final post on Jin Hang Restaurant on North Canal Road. Well, the time has come for "Goodbye" and the owner, Yang Liang, told me that they will cease operations on Sunday, 3 February 08. :(

Fried Mutton with Cumin & Chili

I had dinner last evening at Jin Hang with DH, DL & MW. We ordered our usual dishes: Ma Po Tofu, Shui Zhu Yu & Si Ji Dou. We also ordered a plate of Fried Mutton with Cumin & Chili. DH said she's tried it before and liked it. It was a tad too salty but otherwise very fragrant, and the mutton slices were tender. We enjoyed digging into this dish. This is a Must-Try (before 3 Feb 08)!

White Fungus & Red Date Dessert @ Jin Hang

Yang Liang served us a dessert of White Fungus and Red Dates. It was delicious but as I'm not big on sweet food, this was just a little too sweet for me.

If you love Szechuan food and happen to be in the area within the next few days, do pop by before the shutters come down for good on 3 February 08.

Here are my previous 2 entries:


Jin Hang Restaurant Pte Ltd
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