Lasagne @ Cedele

Cedele - Lasagne.jpg
I tried to buy a few boxes of donuts from Donut Factory @ Raffles City 2 weekends ago. The queue was sooo long, I felt tired for all the people in the queue so I decided to rest on their behalf at Cedele with a cuppa Latte.
That was the initial plan till I got distracted by one of the specials for the day on the chalk board, Beef Lasagne. I decided to pacify myself for the wasted trip by indulging in a portion of beef lasagne...yes, lame excuse, I know but any excuse to try out new stuff is a good excuse.
The lasagne was surprisingly pretty good as it was richly flavoured with herbs. There was also a good balance of cheese and meat sauce. What I loved about the lasagne here is that it contained spinach! The spinach added a nice crunch to the smoothness of the pasta sheets and was a refreshing counterbalance to the rich flavours of the melted cheese and tomato-based sauce.

After the "Lasagne Distraction", I finally settled down to a steaming hot cuppa Latte, feeling like a very satisfied Garfield. :)