Angus Steak House

Most people go to Angus Steak House for steaks. When I was last there for dinner about a month ago, F ordered a steak which was served on a hotplate with a Japanese homemade sauce. SY & I tasted a little of his steak. It tasted pretty good but I would have preferred my steak to be served without any sauce. SY & I both love steaks too, so F found it odd that we didn't order any.
Well, that's because SY & my favourite dish here is Spaghetti with Abalone and Salmon Roe! SY introduced me to this dish about 5 years ago and we've been back quite a few times for our fix. I love the buttery sauce that the pasta is tossed in and the rich saltish flavour of the salmon roe which burst in our mouths. The abalone slices are also not excessively tough and are a pleasure to chew on with the pasta. I find that the spaghetti is sometimes al dente and sometimes just a little overdone but all the same, the flavours never fail to satisfy. This is a MUST-TRY!

One of the good things about Angus is that on a busy evening, we often have a better chance of getting a table there than at any of the other restaurants on the same floor. Its not that this place doesn't serve decent food, its just that the exterior of the restaurant gives the impression that the service staff might be snooty and that the atmosphere could be imposing. However, step through the doors and one will find that the ambience is actually pretty cosy and that the clientele consists mostly of Japanese families. This place is definitely worth a try if you happen to be shopping in Takashimaya.

Angus Steak House
Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238872
Tel: 6735-6015