Kim Gary @ Vivocity

After Borat, LB & I wanted to shop. In a moment of craziness, we decided to brave the crowds and head to Vivocity...incidentally, the other reason why we wanted to go there was for Kim Gary. I'd read Umami's blog on Kim Gary and wanted to give it a try. What can I say, when you put 2 foodies together, its a recipe for disaster (in the form of weight gain). Our action plan was to hit Kim Gary's and then go shopping. Its pretty obvious where our priorities lie. :)

I ordered a steaming Hot Almond Milk drink but only after I've ascertained that the drink was made from freshly ground almonds and not almond powder. It was pretty good and not excessively sweet. I think I shall order this the next time I visit. It's a pleasant change from the exceedingly sweet Almond Cream desserts that are often served in Chinese restaurants. This is a MUST-TRY.

LB and I were feeling pretty peckish so we decided to try out the Spicy Beef Noodles. Hmm...except for a minor technical problem, I was still feeling sleepy and ticked in the box for Spicy Minced Pork Noodles instead. So when the 2 bowls of noodles arrived, imagine how mystified we were not to see any beef slices & how confused the poor waiter was when we insisted that we'd asked for beef instead of pork. I turned about as red as the chili in the soup when we checked the order chit & found that I'd ticked the wrong box. Oops! *blush* I think I must have been dizzy after all the MSG I consumed from Shihlin's Crispy Chicken. :P

The noodles are reasonably springy like Japanese Ramen but the stock is nothing to rave about. The colour is great but that's about as far as it goes. Its not the worst spicy soup stock that I've ever had but let's just say that this isn't something that I'm gonna go running back to Kim Gary's for. So we decided to save some tummy room for the toast that Umami blogged about.

Hmm...except for yet another minor technical problem...I'd forgotten which toast she was referring to as the only words that stuck to my mind were "Peanut Butter" and "Toast". There were 2 entries. I remembered that the pic in Umami's blog featured a pretty thick toast so we ordered the Thick Toast topped with Peanut Butter & Condensed Milk. We ate a few mouthfuls and thought that it was pretty good except that we were pretty full from the noodles.
We weren't sure if that was the correct toast, so we decided to order the other variation, French Toast with Peanut Butter in the middle & topped with a dollop of butter (just in case). See what I told you about 2 foodies together being a recipe for disaster (of the weight variety). We thought this was nicer than the thick toast except that there was too much butter (I'd spread it all over the top to even it out...see I'm trying out an essential skill should I ever decide to bake). They use salted butter here...if only they'd used unsalted butter then it would not have tasted quite as jarringly salty against the sweetness of the French Toast.