Home-made Onde-Onde & Kueh Kosui

After hearing about how difficult it has been for Uncle Henry to make ends meet, I figured that a blog on his bite-size but titanic tasting Nonya Kuehs should be written as a tribute to his culinary prowess which I've had the fortune to indulge in for the past 5-6 years.
In the past, I always knew him to be "the uncle who supplies yummy Onde-Onde & Kueh Kosui to my friends in Citibank". That was till about 2 years ago when I joined my current company. He was reintroduced to me as Uncle Henry. I was apprehensive at first because I'd never met the uncle from whom I used to buy his kuehs via proxy. However, all my doubts were allayed after tasting his Onde-Onde (green balls of glutinous rice flour with a juicy centre of gula melaka syrup) and I've been a happy buyer for the past 2 years.
I love Onde-Onde & used to buy from all sorts of establishments. Uncle Henry's Onde-Onde is great in that it has a soft exterior and bursts with sweet squirts of Gula Melaka syrup when bitten into. I highly recommend popping the entire Onde-Onde into your mouth to avoid staining your clothes. Its not a difficult feat considering that they're small bite-sized portions.
His Kueh Kosui (brown saucer-shaped tapioca flour cakes) are also very soft and not exceedingly sweet. I never used to like Kueh Kosui till I had the fortune to try some from a friend who worked in Citibank (5 years ago). I must warn you that the kuehs are so small and addictive that before you know it, you've finished the entire box! Yes, it happens to all of us in the office so we share boxes of these stuff to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of tasty calories.
Uncle Henry sells his kuehs in boxes of 20s (I must remind you that they're small pieces) for $5 per box. I was told that its pretty pricey. Hmm, I don't know if that's really pricey because I think I pay quite a bit for kuehs at other places too. He takes orders for $50 (ie 10 boxes) and above.
This is worth a try & I'm sooo keeping my fingers, toes & eyes crossed that the increase in volume will not mean a compromise in quality. I hope this helps to keep the friendly onde-onde uncle afloat.
Uncle Henry 6284-4515