Shillawon Korean Restaurant

Last friday, a couple of colleagues and I went for lunch at Shillawon Korean Restaurant in Suntec City. We love Korean food as they're always accompanied with such tasty side dishes. We loved the fried zucchini with Korean bean paste, the marinated spinach and Kimchi. The apple salad was pretty good but we loved the marinated soya bean sprouts so much that we kept having refills. Hee hee! that's why you can only see lil bits of sprouts on right side of the pic! We also kept asking for refills of the fried zucchini as the batter was not excessively oily but lent a nice flavour to the zuchinni slices, which was further enhanced by the Korean bean paste.
We all ordered the Yuk Gae Jang (spicy beef soup with vegetables & glass noodles). We love this dish as the soup is richly flavoured with beef stock, spice paste and all these flavours were infused into the glass noodles, which were smooth and slid down our throats easily. We also loved the crunchiness of the vegetables which incidentally included soya bean sprouts. This dish went perfectly with a bowl of steamed rice & left all of us feeling very satisfied at the end of the meal. This is a MUST-TRY if you happen to be in Suntec.
Shillawon Korean Cuisine
Suntec City Mall (Sky Garden)
Singapore 038983
Tel: 63393313