Pancakes in Paradise @ Gold Coast

Whilst driving around on the first day, I spotted the sign for Pancakes in Paradise on the side of a building. I love pancakes! They're my all-time favourite breakfast food! I set about convincing my travel companions, DH, JP & KM about how difficult it is to find nice pancakes in Singapore so since we were in "Ang Moh land", we should have pancakes for breakfast the next day! :)

They're an easy-going bunch, so we headed there on the second day for brunch. Though we were famished, we decided to pass on the above promotion & order a la carte. The record number of pancakes consumed in one sitting for the All You Can Eat promotion was set at 21 pancakes by a 19 year old British girl. Yikes! Hmm...I wonder why they didn't display a picture of the record holder?

DH, KM & JP shared a serving of Pork Ribs. I'm not a huge fan of pork so I passed on the dish. It was a good thing I did because they found it exceedingly salty and the sauce was too heavy.
I initially wanted to just have pancakes but was tempted by Beef Tacos. I love Mexican food! I decided that though this was a fast food joint, I would hazard a try. Check out the picture above. I've never seen a taco like that but I liked the idea of that much melted cheese. So authenticity aside, the cheesy part of the dish was good and so were the refried beans. If you're a purist, this is definitely not a dish to order in a fast food pancake chain. Even Taco Bell is way better!
We shared a stack of 3 Buttermilk Pancakes. I couldn't help but notice the blob of synthetic butter on top & began to kick myself for forgetting that chains like these tend to use alot of artificial stuff. Nonetheless, the pancakes were pretty good. They were fragrant and fluffy. If only there was unsalted butter and honey to go with them.

I couldn't resist ordering the Sticky Date Pancakes. It looked so tempting...except for the whipped cream that obviously came out of a can. The sticky date sauce that smothered the pancakes was pretty good but I was getting pretty stuffed at this point.

JP's Chicken Parmaggiana arrived much later than the rest of the dishes. We ate some of his fries as we've found that the one thing that's usually pretty good so far on this trip - is French Fries.

Pancakes in Paradise
Corner Gold Coast Highway & Clifford Street
Surfers Paradise 4217,
Gold Coast