Day Trip to Byron Bay

Byron Bay Lighthouse.jpg

After our hearty brunch at Pancakes in Paradise, we drove to Byron Bay. We were told that it was a beautiful place which we had to check out while in Gold Coast. We drove past the town centre and proceeded directly to the Cape Byron Lighthouse as it was the main attraction. What a beautiful day!

It was great to see such blue skies especially after the rainy weather the day before. It was also a nice day to trek down towards the most Easterly point of the Australian Mainland.

KM bought 2 scoops of ice cream, chocolate and strawberry, to cool down. Check out the chunk of fresh strawberry in the scoop of strawberry ice cream!

I needed a caffeine fix (so what's new?) and was excited when I saw the sign that said that the baristas there were trained by Paul Bassett! Wow! I was fixated on having an Affogato, except for a minor technical problem...they were out of coffee! What??? Guess I'll have to wait till we head back to the town centre for my shot of espresso!

It was close to 4pm by the time we headed back to the town centre and most of the cafes were closed or closing. It was a pity because it would have been nice to check out the Twisted Sista Cafe. They had a great sign above the entrance which read: "Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Eat Like Crazy Today"! Great advice though my weighing scale might beg to differ.

We wound up at The Cardamom Pod. If you had watched quite abit of Ally McBeal, you'd remember how each main character seems to have a theme song. Well, the theme song for this cafe will have to be Boy George's "Hare Krishna". Check out the drawing of Ganesha on the menu board.

I had a cup of Masala Chai, a tea drink which is spiced up with green cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, cloves and peppercorn. The spices can vary sometimes as each family has their own blend but the spices mentioned are the most commonly used. I love Masala Chai and would usually order it at the end of every meal at an Indian restaurant. I like my Masala Chai to be served without any sugar added. The one that I had here tasted pretty authentic and the spices were not too overpowering. This place is lacto-friendly and upon the recommendation of the owner, I tried a Soy Milk version of the chai. I think the use of Soy Milk may have altered the flavour of the spices somewhat but nonetheless, it is pleasant tasting and just as enjoyable as the regular version.

JP had the Mango Lassi, we tried just a little of it and found that it tasted pretty authentic too. Its good but I would have preferred the lassi to be thicker (which unfortunately makes for a heavier drink too).

KM had a special blend of apple juice, lemon juice, ginger and cinnamon. It tasted pretty good for detoxifying concoction.

The great thing about this place is that it is run by a most warm and friendly couple! They're definitely as warm and cheery as the colours that the cafe is painted and yellow. I'm sure this is also a large reason why they have a loyal following. Most of the people who streamed in and out of the cafe were regulars.

While ordering our drinks, I could not help snapping pictures of the food that this couple was selling. I must say that the Pakoras looked really good but I was still too stuffed from brunch.

The Koftas and Dhal looked really good. I like how Indian cuisine has such rich colours and flavours of spices. Unfortunately, I didn't have any more room in my tummy to try out the food.

This is an interesting cafe to check out if you happen to be in the area.
The Cardamom Pod
Shop 8,
The Pier Arcade,
7 Lawson St,
Byron Bay, NSW,
Tel: 02-66-807-383