Korean BBQ @ Gold Coast

The rainy weather has me craving piping hot food such as steamboat & table-top barbecued food. It reminds me of the first rainy evening at Gold Coast when my friends and I were feeling so cold that we decided to have Korean BBQ for dinner instead of having more fish & chips. We couldn't resist the temptation of walking past tables of diners having BBQ & the fragrance of barbecued meat.
The restaurant was packed with like-minded individuals so we had to split our group into 2 tables. It was not a surprise that 80% of the clientele were Asians. DH was the designated BBQ gal, ha ha! actually, she just happened to have the tongs closest to her.

"Chef DH" barbecued the chicken, beef & squid to perfection. :) We were so hungry and cold that we were especially appreciative of the comforting flavours of Asian food with warm steamed rice.

We also had a Yuk Gae Jang (spicy beef soup with vegetables) which was especially comforting in the gloomy weather. It was not spicy enough for my taste but at that moment, it was acceptable after having had a sinfully greasy lunch of fish & chips.