Queen of Hearts Cheesecake by Cat and the Fiddle


Cat and the Fiddle's gift box

Singapore's first online cheesecake specialist e-shop, Cat and the Fiddle, looks set to give brick and mortar cake shops a run for their money. Cat and the Fiddle is the brainchild of Daniel Tay, founder of Bakerzin who left to start a food supply company. One of his projects was to offer cheesecake lovers quality cakes at affordable prices through an online store. Prices range from $19.90 to $31.90 per cake at Cat and the Fiddle's e-shop with the option to customize the cakes for a small fee.

Cat and the Fiddle's special carrier for the gift box
Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecake Gift Box, Tag & Special Carrier

I was given a check out code to try a cheesecake with some optional add-ons, compliments of Cat and The Fiddle. Here's a photo of Cat and the Fiddle's specially decorated hexagon-shaped gift box with built-in carrier (add $3.50). Greeting Tags bearing different messages can be added on at $1.50 each. I chose the blue tag "Loves <3". Do note that add-ons are only available if you purchase the special cake box otherwise the cakes will usually be packed in basic brown boxes with a paper bag.

Cat and the Fiddle Gift Box, stencils, gift tag, candles, icing sugar & disposable cutlery.

Tucked into a special compartment at the base of the carrier were the add-ons that you can use to customize your cake. I chose special candles that burn with a coloured flame ($1.20 for a pack of 6), stencil dust ($1.50 per packet - choose from white icing sugar or chocolate powder) and a stencil ($2 each). There was a new add-on when I placed my order. You can now buy a pack of 4 disposable plates and forks as well as a plastic knife at $2.50 (before tax).

Queen of Hearts Cheesecake by Cat and the Fiddle
Queen of Hearts @ S$22.90 (about 1.1 kg)
Strawberry cheesecake swirled with red velvety strawberries

I ordered a "Queen of Hearts" Strawberry Cheesecake because my niece loves strawberries. Here's how the cake looked like shortly after delivery, without any customization. I didn't realize that the sides of the box could be detached at this point and so I missed the opportunity to snap a pic of its side view. Later in the evening, I tried to dust icing sugar using the cat stencil. I realised that I'm completely lacking in talent in the cake decorating department so I stuck a pink candle for the increasingly impatient niece who wanted to blow out the candle and cut the cake. For a 21 month old baby, she sure is quite focused and was giving me the evil eye. From what I made out of her gibberish, it was probably toddler speak for "Get on with it already!"

Cat and the Fiddle's "Thank you" bag tag
Cat and the Fiddle's "Thank You" tag


The cheesecake arrived frozen. I was instructed to place it in the freezer if I intended to consume it the next day or into the refrigerator if I intended to consume it on the same day. Consumers are advised to wait for at least 3 to 4 hours for the cheesecake to be ready for consumption. The Queen of Hearts tasted like a Strawberry Jello Cheesecake albeit with a lighter and fluffier texture. It was very similar to a Japanese-style cheesecake and was a hit with my family members all of whom went for seconds after initially cutting a thin slice for themselves. The Queen of Hearts cheesecake is a Must-Try if you love Strawberry Cheesecake and Japanese-style Cheesecake.

Cat and the Fiddle Gift Box with Gift Tag

Cat and the Fiddle offers 10 flavours. I'm wondering how some of the less commonly available flavours taste. As I need to lose weight, I'm hoping to "outsource" the tasting to my fearless foodie fans. Thus, I'm running an Easter giveaway for a few flavours that I found interesting so I can “taste” vicariously through my readers. If you win a cake, please tell me what you think by tagging @superfinefeline in your Instagram posts or by leaving a comment on my Facebook wall (www.facebook.com/superfinefeline.dotcom).

SFF's Easter Giveaway details can be found here: www.superfinefeline.com/2014/04/win-cat-and-the-fiddle-cake

Cat and the Fiddle
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