SFF's Mother's Day Giveaway: Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecake


More Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes up for grabs! Simply because:

1) Mother's Day is coming up!

2) I finally crossed the 1,500 followers mark on Instagram! Thanks for your support, guys!

3) Caring is sharing, right? ;)

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Many months of inactivity besides eating and drinking is making me a superFATfeline. I need to lose weight so I'm "outsourcing" the tasting of 2 more Cat and the Fiddle cheesecake flavours that piqued my curiosity to fearless, fun readers! I hope to "taste" vicariously through you! If you win a cake, please tell me what you think in the comments below and/or tag me (@superfinefeline) in your Instagram posts.

* 2 lucky readers stand to win a Cat and the Fiddle cheesecake each but first, I need to announce  the names of the 2 winners for my Easter Giveaway

1) Paws of Fury - XinYun "I love them both, since I love anything cheesy, haha…

But if I have to pick only one, I’ll pick Paws of Fury.

Yuan Yang (coffee and tea mix) flavor, it must have took the chef and his/her team some time to balance and perfect as they are both strong in taste, so having struck a balance and not having it overpower each other, will be an interesting and yummy experience :D"  - XinYun

2) The Emperor's Romance - Ben Chen "The Emperor’s Romance exudes style and substance, aesthetically appealing and I’m certain it tastes amazing! The combination of lychee and martini has always been exciting and this should be no different. I love what seems like burnt meringues on the top, which add a real colour and most definitely an added dimension of texture to the cake.
I would certainty love to have the Emperor’s Romance for these reasons. Not to mention my fiancée’s birthday is that week and her favourite flavor is lychee martini, so it’ll be wonderful to be able to celebrate her birthday with this cake!" - Ben Chen

Congratulations, guys! Please give me your full name, email address, contact number,  preferred collection date and time via email by 8 pm on 27 Apr 2014 so that I can buy the cakes on your behalf. Alternatively, you can send me a Private Message on Facebook: www.facebook.com/superfinefeline.dotcom. Don't forget to keep me posted! ;)


SFF's Mother's Day Giveaway: 2 Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecakes up for grabs! 

Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecake - Sweet and Smokey Taffy
Sweet & Smokey Taffy @ S$19.90
A toffee sweet and salty perfection of salted caramel cheesecake on an Oreo biscuit crust
*Image reproduced with permission from Cat and the Fiddle


Be still, my beating heart! The Sweet & Smokey Taffy Cheesecake had me at Salted Caramel, Fleur de Sel and Oreo! A combination of some of my favourite ingredients, I'm certain this cheesecake is going to be scrumptious! If you love Salted Caramel and Oreo cookies, then this cheesecake pretty much has your name written on it! However, I only have 1 cheesecake to give away so may the odds be ever in your favour. :P

Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecake: Sicilian Wild Cats
Sicilian Wildcats @ S$31.90
Timeless "pick-me-up" Tiramisu cheesecake with espresso & Marsala, lovingly dusted with cocoa
*Image reproduced with permission from Cat and the Fiddle

Sicilian Wildcats. Ooh, I love the sound of the name! One of my favourite desserts is Tiramisu because of the luscious combination of cheese, espresso, cocoa and alcohol (I usually use Amaretto when I make Tiramisu). If you love Tiramisu, let's see how wild this cheesecake can get!


How to win?

  • Send me an email / comment below / write on my FB wall to tell me which cake (eg. Sweet & Smokey Taffy / Sicilian Wildcats) you’d like to win and why!
  • Deadline: 11.59 pm on 1 May 2014.
  • The 2 winners will be announced on Facebook on 2 / 3 May 2014.
  • Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
  • Only valid for residents of Singapore.
  • Collection of the cakes will be at 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #03-28/28A The Central (Thank you, Cat & the Fiddle for waiving the collection fees.) 
  • Any delivery charges (if you arrange for a delivery) will be borne by yourself.
  • Winners will have to provide me with their full name, email address, contact number,  preferred collection date and time via email by 8 pm on 4 May 2014 so that I can purchase the items on their behalf.
  • To protect your privacy, please do not post your personal details in your comments nor on my FB wall.
  • This giveaway is not sponsored by Cat & the Fiddle (except for the waiver of collection fees).
  • The cost for the cakes are fully borne by me. Have an awesome weekend, everybody!


PS: I've tried the Queen of Hearts and think it's a Must-Try! Click here for my review