St. Regis Singapore's Festive Offerings


The festive season is upon us and The St. Regis Singapore has put together a tempting array of gourmet creations and handcrafted treats for this period. I was recently invited to a preview of some of the festive specials.

St. Regis Singapore - Chocolate Passion Royal Log Cake cropped
Chocolate Passion Royal Log Cake @ S$48 each (750g) 
Image reproduced with permission from The St. Regis Singapore

The St. Regis Singapore's three restaurants, Brasserie Les Saveurs, LaBrezza and Yan Ting, will be offering festive menus and bespoke service to celebrate the season. If entertaining at home is more your cup of tea, check out the delectable range of European delights and seasonal offerings available for takeaway.

Billecart-Salmon Champagne to unwind with before festive tasting at St Regis Singapore

We sipped on some Billecart-Salmon Champagne while waiting for the food to be served. I love unwinding with a glass of Champagne after a long work day.

Amuse Bouche from LaBrezza, St Regis Singapore: Poached Egg with Shaved Black Truffles
Amuse Bouche - LaBrezza
Poached Egg with Shaved Black Truffles

Dinner commenced with an Amuse Bouche of Poached Egg with Shaved Black Truffles from LaBrezza. Smooth, runny and comforting on a cool day, I wished there was just a little more truffle oil and some truffle salt to enhance the flavours. I preferred the Uovo Tartufate e Fontina (45-minute poached egg with Fontina & truffle sauce) that was served during Prosecco Brunch at LaBrezza.

Artichoke & Potato Soup from Brasserie Les Saveurs, St Regis Singapore
Artichoke & Potato Soup - Brasserie Les Saveurs
Served with Boston Lobster Tartare, Tarragon Espuma & Crispy Squid Ink Polenta

Next was Artichoke & Potato Soup from Brasserie Les Saveurs. The warm and creamy soup had an earthy flavour that was punctuated with little chunks of lobster and accented with tarragon-infused foam. I didn't like the Squid Ink Polenta as it might have been left out for just a little too long and had thus lost the crispiness that was supposed to add a different texture to the soup. I love soup and love all the key ingredients that were used in its preparation so I enjoyed this dish immensely. This is worth a try.

A Medley of Seafood: A selection from the line at Brasserie Les Saveurs
A Medley of Seafood
A selection from the buffet line at Brasserie Les Saveurs

We were then served platters of seafood that had been put together from the range available on the buffet line at Brasserie Les Saveurs. Eschewing the selection of dips that was served with the fresh seafood, I enjoyed the crab, prawn, lobster, white clam, mussel and oysters au naturel.

Mediterranean Sea Bass Cappellacci from LaBrezza, St. Regis Singapore
Mediterranean Sea Bass Cappellacci - LaBrezza
Served with Green Asparagus, Sun-dried Datterino Tomato & Saffron Sauce

The next dish was from LaBrezza's kitchen, a Mediterranean Sea Bass Cappellacci. Essentially pasta dumplings, I loved the filling and the sauce for this dish but I didn't enjoy the pasta shell as I felt that it was a little too thick and hard.

Filet Mignon En Brioche by Brasserie Les Saveurs, St. Regis Singapore
Filet Mignon En Brioche - Brasserie Les Saveurs
Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras wrapped in Brioche & Prosciutto Ham with Périgord Sauce

Then we were served the Filet Mignon En Brioche, which I thought was like a French-influenced Beef Wellington. Breaking open the Brioche, we uncovered a piece of seared Foie Gras atop a beef medallion that was in turn nestled on top of a slice of Prosciutto. The dish also reminded me  of Tournedos Rossini, which consists of a filet mignon steak on a slice of browned buttered bread, topped with a slice of pan-seared foie gras and a truffle shaving before warm Madeira wine-based sauce is poured over it. An interesting combination of a classic French dish with a classic British dish.

Filet Mignon En Brioche Dissected to Reveal Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras & Prosciutto Ham within the Brioche.

The Périgord Sauce, which is essentially Madeira Sauce with truffles in it, added a rich flavour to the dish. Unfortunately, I was already very full by this time so I could only manage a few bites of the dish. Although the beef was just a little more done than I would have liked and the seared foie gras lacked a crisp edge, the dish was rather tasty and interesting. I wish the Brioche could have been a little fluffier. Perhaps, it was hard to make that work for this recipe. The Prosciutto was very mildly flavoured probably because alot of its flavour had been absorbed by the base of the Brioche during the cooking process. This is a Must-Try.

Roasted Muscovy Duck Carved from Gueridon Trolley & Served with Orange Sauce - St Regis Singapore Festive Takeaway
Roasted Whole Muscovy Duck with Orange Sauce - 2.2kg @ S$ 132
with Potato Purée and Sautéed Baby Vegetables . From the Festive Takeaway Menu.

Next was the Roasted Muscovy Duck with Orange Sauce from St Regis Singapore's Festive Takeaway Menu. Sold with sides of Potato Purée and Sautéed Baby Vegetables, we were glad not to have the sides served during the tasting because we were all pretty stuffed by now.

My portion of the Roasted Muscovy Duck with Orange Sauce

I tried some of the still moist flesh of the Roasted Duck and felt it could do with a little more salt. I wished the skin was a little more crisp. Since this is a takeaway item, you might like to roast it slightly just to get the skin crispy before serving.

My plate of Christmas Log Cakes - St Regis Singapore
Red Berries with Pistachio Sponge Log Cake (low sugar)
& Chocolate Passion Royal Log Cake @ S$48 each (750g)

We were served a sampling of two different log cakes. I liked the core of the Red Berries log cake because of the strawberry jelly, strawberry cremeux that was encased in vanilla mousse and pistachio sponge cake. In spite of how full I felt, I found room for the Chocolate Passion Royal Log Cake which comprised rich chocolate mousse with refreshing passion fruit crème brûlée and a layer of crunchy feuilletine. The Chocolate Passion Royal Log Cake is a Must-Try!

Christmas Stollen at St. Regis Singapore
St. Regis Singapore's Christmas Stollen @ S$32 (500g)
with Dried Tropical Fruits

We were then served Christmas Stollen which was delicious! It wasn't too sweet, nor was it too hard and dry. The texture was firm to the bite without straining the teeth too much. The warm and spicy flavour of the cinnamon went well with the tangy flavour of dried cranberry, slightly sweet and bitter flavour of the dried wolfberries and fruity sweetness of dried apricots. The Christmas Stollen is also a Must-Try!

St. Regis Singapore's Christmas Cookies
St. Regis Singapore's Festive Cookies @ S$28 each (250g)

What's Christmas without Christmas cookies? St. Regis Singapore's Festive Cookies come in 5 flavours: Cinnamon Stars, Gingerbread Man, Orange Sablé, Pistachio-Cranberry Crescent and Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nut. I tried the Cinnamon Star and Orange Sablé which were pleasantly crunchy and not too sweet. Worth a try if you love your cookies.

In addition to special festive menus served at each restaurant and indulgent Champagne brunches, The St. Regis Culinary Events team crafts bespoke dining experiences for the season. Find out more St. Regis Singapore's festive offerings here:

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PS: Thank you, The St. Regis Singapore, for the hospitality.