The Broers Cafe Celebrates its First Birthday


Latte at Broers Cafe

The Broers Cafe recently celebrated it's first birthday on 20 June 2012, a good sign for the Specialty Coffee scene in Singapore.

Triggering childhood memories of playing with a swing.

The Broers Cafe is located close to a stretch of beautifully restored pre-war shophouses, that were probably built in the 1920s. Showcasing local architecture at its best, these shophouses are worth a visit as they are beautifully ardorned with ornate tiles and bas-reliefs. The swing in the park in front of the cafe brought back memories of my childhood. This is a nice place to watch children playing on swings, a pleasant change from watching them swish fingers across iPads.

A stone bench to chill with a cuppa takeaway coffee?

Opened by 2 young men, Kiat and Han, they wanted to share their coffee obsession with the rest of the world. They named the cafe "Broers" which means "brothers" in Dutch in the hopes that the cafe will serve as a place for strangers to bond and leave as friends. The word was also chosen because its Dutch pronunciation sounds a little like "brewers" in English. If sitting on a stone bench amidst some greenery is your thing, there is such a bench to the left of the cafe.

Completed Disloyalty Card 2011

I've heard of Broers from friends in the local Specialty Coffee scene but never got around to checking them out out till I ventured there in my quest to complete my Disloyalty Card before the end of 2011. I've been back quite a few times since.

Latte & Lemon Tart
8 oz Latte @ S$4

My favourite mid-afternoon combo at Broers, a refreshing Lemon Tart and a nice hot cup of latte. The   Latte was a robust yet well-balanced cup. It worked well as a pick-me-up on a lazy afternoon. If you're in the Little India / Lavender area and craving for a well-brewed cup of coffee, pop by to The Broers Cafe for your caffeine fix.

The Muffinry's Lemon Tart at The Broers Cafe
Lemon Tart @ S$5.50

The  tarts sold at Broers are from The Muffinry, a gourmet bakery that sells handmade muffins and pastries. The lemon curd was firm but with a silky smooth texture. The buttery crust was crumbly yet  crisp. I savoured every bite of the tart as it filled my mouth with the fresh citrusy flavour of lemons complemented by the rich buttery flavour of the pastry crust. This is a Must-Try!

The Broers Cafe's Door

The Broers Cafe
3 Petain Road,
Singapore 208108
Phone: +65 6295-5426
Operating Hours
Mondays: 10 am to 8 pm
Tuesdays: Closed
Wednesdays & Thursdays: 10 am to 8 pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 10 am to 11 pm
Sundays: 10 am to 8 pm