Eggs Benedict at Wild Honey, Scotts Square

European @ S$18
Eggs Benedict  with sautéed mushrooms & prosciutto on a slice of brioche

S and I met with for lunch at Wild Honey's Scotts Square outlet as they take reservations. She loves the food whilst I've not been to Wild Honey yet largely because I truly, truly hate to queue (the Mandarin Gallery outlet doesn't accept reservations)! The ambience is great though the service staff seemed just a tad snooty.

Still hooked onto Eggs Benedict, I couldn't help but order the European even though the English (with Cumberland sausages and bacon) enticed me. My European breakfast item arrived looking awesome. When I dug in, I was sorely disappointed to discover that my poached eggs had but a smidgen of Hollandaise Sauce on each of them. There simply wasn't enough sauce to merge with the runny yolk and flow over to the brioche. The combo had deliciously sautéed mushrooms and savoury parma but felt dry on the tongue. S tried a little and agreed that though the sauce was nice there just wasn't enough to flow over the yolk (hint: remove the prettily assembled rosette-like topping of prosciutto to discover just how much Hollandaise sauce you actually have on your egg) and add some moisture to the nicely toasted brioche. What a pity!

I asked if I could have a little more Hollandaise Sauce. The waitress checked and told us that we could order more Hollandaise Sauce for an additional S$2 charge. Considering how "generous" the initial portions had been, I shuddered to imagine how much more sauce I could get for a mere S$2. In any case, I am categorically opposed to having to pay for more sauce when they shouldn't have been so stingy with it so I refused to order. The Eggs Benedict here left me unsated for want of a decent serving of Hollandaise Sauce.

Wild Mocha Dolce @ S$7
Mocha with wild honey

I tried the Wild Mocha Dolce, which is essentially Mocha sweetened with wild honey. It was nice and well, pretty sweet Mocha drink. I realised whilst sipping on my Wild Mocha Dolce that my tastebuds for coffee are completely jaded now by the excellently-brewed and well-rounded flavours that baristas have been serving me at Specialty Coffee joints. I wouldn't mind returning to Wild Honey for the ambience and to try different items on the menu but I'm definitely not queuing to do so.

Wild Honey - Scott's Square
6 Scotts Road, 3rd Floor, Singapore 228209
Tel: +65 6636-1816 (reservations accepted)
Wild Honey - Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road, 3rd Floor, Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6235-3900 (no reservations)
Operating Hours: 
Daily - 9am to 10pm at both outlets