StarHub Launches Free FooD.I.Y. App on iPad - Gastronomic Ruminations


Are you a fan of cooking programs? Do you wish you could replicate the delicious dishes in your kitchen or perhaps, you already are an accomplished chef but would like to try out new recipes to expand your culinary repertoire?

Whatever your skill level, if you love to cook or wish to learn how to cook, download your free copy of the FooD.I.Y recipe application from the iTunes App Store. Presented by Hubalicious, StarHub's food and lifestyle platform, the app is available both on iPhone and on iPad.

FooD.I.Y is the first made-in-Singapore app that consolidates a large collection of recipes from popular chefs and TV food program hosts, such as Bobby Chinn, Bobby Flay, Jamie Oliver, Paula Deen, Rachel Allen and Rachael Ray. The recipes are selected from the extensive database on StarHub's popular food channels such as BBC Lifestyle, Food Network Asia and TLC. In addition to the rich resource from the food channels, Palate Sensations, a leading hands-on culinary studio in Singapore,  is also contributing to the pool of recipes for the app.


With a user-friendly interface, the app allows searches by chef's name, meal category (starter, main or dessert) and by occasion (eg. Christmas). Having a recipe on display on the iPad means you no longer have to worry about splashing on a cookbook or having to turn pages with greasy fingers in your efforts to cook a new dish. While cooking, the pinky finger is often the cleanest, it can do the navigation without having to pause and wash your hands. You can compile your own list of favourite recipes. The app also supports sharing of recipes by email and on Facebook.

For the rookie chef, there are step-by-step video tutorials demonstrated by celebrity chefs for selected recipes, making it an interactive tutorial that allows you to learn at your own pace (unless of course one is executing a time-critical part of the recipe).


Coupled with a shopping list feature and a detailed ingredient glossary complete with pictures, shopping for ingredients should be a breeze as the app also provides recommended substitutions for more exotic items. Thinking of everything, the developers of the app have incorporated a conversion chart and information on where one can buy the necessary equipment and ingredients in Singapore.

Thank you, StarHub and Sixth Sense Communications for hosting me at the launch event, the Parmigiano Cookies were absolutely delicious! I shall have to try to make them...talentless as I am in baking. :)


As a wise man once said: "I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food." - W.C. Fields

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