Swiss Grill @ Coronation Plaza, Bukit Timah Road

Hi everyone, sorry for the long radio silence as I'd been busy with work, cycling, recharging and catching up with old friends. I'm glad to finally be able to find some time to write.
Swiss Butchery invited me to a tasting session at Swiss Grill some weeks back. It fell on the same day as the launch of Restaurant Week, so I was not terribly hungry when I arrived for the tasting session. However, I love meats and sausages, so I found quite a bit of room within my tummy to accomodate more food. :)

French-Style Onion Soup @ Swiss Grill, Coronation Plaza
French-Style Onion Soup @ S$7.90
I have replaced the picture here with a clearer one that I took during the day.

We started with a small serving of French-Style Onion Soup as we had to pace ourselves. The beef broth-based soup was robust and sweet with the distinctive flavour of caramelized onions. I generally prefer creamy soups to clear soups but this was pretty darn good as the stock was flavoursome and rich. The gratinated Gruyère crouton, though too hard for my liking, was delicious after it had been given the opportunity to absorb the rich beefiness of the soup.

200 Days Grain Fed Angus Steak
Angus 200 Day Grain-Fed Ribeye @ S$36.90
served with a side of Fries or Mashed Potato
*Image courtesy of Swiss Butchery*

Next we moved onto the meats, trying both the Angus 200 Day Grain-Fed Ribeye and the Wagyu Ribeye (@ S$55.90, served with a side of Fries or Mashed Potato).

The people at Swiss Butchery pride themselves on the quality, variety and knowledge of their meats. Likewise, Swiss Grill's Chef Colin West's philosophy is to prepare heartily honest dishes that allow the freshness and quality of the ingredients to shine through.

Angus 200 days Grain-Fed Ribeye

*Image courtesy of Swiss Butchery*

We were told that the reason for the lengthy period of grain feeding for the Angus cattle is because this ensures that the resultant meat has more marbling, is more tender and has more flavour. Wagyu cattle are also fed a healthy diet for a long period of time but as they are genetically predisposed to dense marbling, this yields succulently tender meat with a buttery rich flavour.

The steaks were perfectly done with the right amount of searing on the surfaces that imparted a smoky flavour to the richly flavoured beef. I would have preferred if the steaks were served without any sauce as I love steaks seasoned with only salt and pepper.
The Wagyu steak seemed only marginally juicier in comparison to the Angus. I reckon its because the sauce added quite a lot of moisture to the steaks, which I felt detracted from the inherent moistness of the meats. However, different strokes for different folks. I will order my steaks sans sauce (or served separately) here on my next visit so that I can fully savour the succulence of the meat. The steaks here are a MUST-TRY!

Burger with the Lot
Burger with the Lot @ S$13.90

add S$2.50 for sides of Chunky Fries & Mesclun Salad
*Image courtesy of Swiss Butchery*

The thick burger patties are made from premium chuck beef. Topped with home-cured bacon, cheddar cheese, gherkins and a sunny side up egg, the tasty and juicy goodness of this burger makes it a crave worthy comfort food. The fresh juiciness of the coarsely ground beef burger coupled with the umami-esque flavour of the bacon, the tanginess of gherkins and milkiness of the cheddar made for an interesting explosion of flavours when chewed. If you love your burgers, this is a Must-Try!

Grilled Codfish Burger @ Swiss Grill, Coronation Plaza

Grilled Codfish Burger @ S$16.90
add S$2.50 for sides of Chunky Fries & Mesclun Salad

If you don't eat beef, fret not for Chef Colin has created a Grilled Codfish Burger that has become one of the hot favourites on the menu. 

Grilled Codfish Burger, mildly deconstructed (Swiss Grill @ Coronation Plaza)

The marinated codfish fillet is complemented with herbed mayonnaise, marinated cherry tomatoes, lettuce and sandwiched between toasted parmesan-crusted buns. If you love buttery fish and rich creamy flavours as condiments, this is a Must-Try!

Grilled Chicken Burger @ Swiss Grill, Coronation Plaza

Grilled Chicken Burger @ S$13.90
add S$2.50 for sides of Chunky Fries & Mesclun Salad

*Image courtesy of Swiss Butchery*

Apologies to readers who thought this image was that of the Grilled Codfish Burger. I labelled the picture wrongly. This picture is that of the Grilled Chicken Burger that I have yet to try. If you have, do let me know if it was delicious. 

Grilled Sausage Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce

Grilled Sausage Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce @ S$15.90
*Image courtesy of Swiss Butchery*

I am a carb freak and love pasta. The tomato sauce, comprising coarsely blended tomatoes and herbs, is made from scratch daily with its rich flavour intensified by the addition of browned bacon bits. The grilled home-made sausage added a firm and springy texture to the dish. I felt the spaghetti was just a touch overdone. I generally prefer Aglio Olio sauce so I hope they will offer the option of Pasta Aglio Olio with Grilled Spicy Italian Sausages in future. If you love tomato-based pasta sauces, this is worth a try.
Spicy Italian Sausage and Pork & Cheese Sausage @ Swiss Grill, Coronation Plaza
Grilled Sausages@ S$12.90 - S$13.90 for 2
Price is dependent on type of sausage. Served with Mashed Potatoes & Purple Cabbage

One of my favourite products at Swiss Butchery is the sausages because they are made in-house from good quality meats without too much salt. The Spicy Italian Sausages are firm and mildly spicy whilst the Pork  and Cheese Sausages ooze melted cheese when bitten into. They are served here with homemade mashed potatoes and purple cabbage. I'm not a big fan of purple cabbage but I think sausages and potatoes are a match made in heaven. 

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