Shek Mo Fong (Stone Mill) Desserts @ Tin Hau, Hong Kong

I was thrilled to be able to catch up with Dim Sum Dolly and a few friends of hers during my recent vacation in Hong Kong. We adjourned for desserts at Shek Mo Fong (石磨坊 Cantonese for Stone Mill) in Tin Hau

Black Sesame & Almond Cream

Black Sesame and Almond Cream @ HKD16 (abt USD2.06)
I ordered the Black Sesame and Almond Cream dessert as I love both flavours. The strong flavour of the Black Sesame Cream overwhelmed the delicate flavour of the Almond Cream. I think it would be better to order 2 separate bowls in future so one can fully savour each flavour in its unadulterated form. Thankfully it was not cloyingly sweet so I was able to finish the dessert. Worth a try if you like a mixture of both. 

Cashew Nut Cream
Cashew Nut Cream @ HKD18 (abt USD2.32)

I sampled some of the Cashew Nut Cream. It was richly flavoured with the nuttiness of cashews and was not too sweet. This is a Must-Try!

Chestnut Cream
Chestnut Cream @ HKD17 (abt USD2.19)

The Chestnut Cream was awful! It was excessively starchy and sweet.

Roselle Jelly Dessert Description

The huge poster advertising a Roselle Jelly with Mixed Fruits dessert (Lo San Song) seemed interesting. We ordered a portion.

Roselle Jelly Dessert (Lo San Song)
Roselle Jelly with Mixed Fruits (Lo San Song) @ HKD34 (abt USD4.38)

The fruit mix comprised mostly of cubes of mango, papaya and honeydew. The mixture was topped with what seemed like whipping cream (unwhipped) as though it was a tad heavier than milk but not as thick as double cream. I loved the Roselle jelly chunks as they had a delicately floral and tart flavour. A very refreshing fruit salad that is a Must-Try!

Mango & Black Glutinous Rice wrapped in Black Sesame Cheong Fun
Mango & Black Glutinous Rice wrapped in Black Sesame Cheong Fun @ HKD24 (abt USD3.09)

This was a really interesting dessert. Black Sesame puree had been mixed with rice flour to make the steamed rice sheets that constitute the Cheong Fun that was used to wrap the Black Glutinous Rice and Mango chunks. I typically do not like Black Glutinous Rice as it is used to make Pulut Hitam (a local dessert that is often a little too heavy and sweet) but found it acceptable in this form as the rice went well with the slight tartness of the mango and the soft, pliable Black Sesame Cheong Fun. This was topped with some coconut milk which added a smoothness and creaminess to the chewy concoction. This is a Must-Try!

Shek Mo Fong (Stone Mill) Desserts
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