Caffe Habitu: Jewels of Italy - White Truffle Cream Latte @ Elements Mall, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Caffe Habitu @ Elements Mall, above Kowloon Airport Express Station
During my Christmas vacation to Hong Kong, I barely had the time to stop for a strong caffeine fix as the rest of the folks in my group weren't caffeine fiends like me. I finally found some time to myself when I developed a cough and declined to join them on a day trip to Stanley Bay. It was nice to sleep in but I didn't feel too hungry as I was still groggy from the medication. I decided to locate the Caffe Habitu outlet in Elements Mall next to our hotel, W Hong Kong. It's located just above the skating rink on the 2nd level.

Caffe Habitu - Jewels of Italy, White Truffle Cream Latte


I first visited a Caffe Habitu outlet on Hong Kong Island in 2008 with IT. I loved the coffee and was wondering if I should still get my caffeine fix despite the cough. I contemplated taking a Peppermint Tea if they served any but when I got there, the poster at the counter for their Jewels of Italy Promotion distracted me. I love Truffles and the prospect of a truffle flavoured coffee was too alluring to ignore.

White Truffle Cream Latte @ Caffe Habitu

White Truffle Cream Latte @ HKD58 (abt USD7.48)
After feeling deprived of an espresso fix for the past few days, though the price tag for the drink seemed a tad steep, I couldn't resist giving it a shot! Perhaps my cough will be cured by the soothing richness of the truffle cream and the robust smoothness of the coffee. Besides, I hadn't had any espresso-based drinks for a few days, surely the money that I "saved" justifies this little indulgence?
View from the top - White Truffle Cream Latte
The distinctive aroma of truffles wafted to my nostrils when I got my cup of latte. For a minute there, I'd forgotten all about my cough and wanted nothing more than to coat my palate with the divinely fragrant truffle cream. I used the stirrer to scoop up little dollops of cool freshly whipped cream infused with the heady fragrance and flavour of truffles. The heat of my tongue caused the cream to melt lightly releasing more truffle fragrance into my mouth. Yum! Then I realised that I shouldn't eat too much of the cream else I would not have enough cream to stir into my coffee.
The coffee at Caffe Habitu is full-bodied and has the right balance in that it is neither overly acidic nor bitter. The truffle cream stirred into the latte gave it a smooth finish and the chopped almonds added a nice crunch. I didn't even need to add any sugar to the drink. If the Truffle promotion comes by again, this is a Must-Try! That said, truffle promotion or not, coffee at Caffe Habitu is definitely a Must-Try!
White Truffle Cream Hot Chocolate @ Caffe Habitu
White Truffle Cream Hot Chocolate @ HKD58 (abt USD7.48)
We had to leave for Singapore the next day. I wanted another fix before I left so my parents went with me because they were really curious about the coffee that I was gushing about so much so that I was willing to sacrifice joining our family members for dessert just to get another cup of White Truffle Latte. As they are not too crazy about espresso based drinks, they opted for the Hot Chocolate. I sampled some of my mum's Hot Chocolate. I have to say that the Truffle Cream seems to blend better with the Latte than with the Hot Chocolate as I could barely taste the truffle over the thick hot chocolate. If you love Hot Chocolate, the Hot Chocolate (sans truffle cream) at Caffe Habitu is definitely worth a try.
White Truffle Cream Tasting Tips @ Caffe Habitu
It was only on my second visit that I discovered that they had tasting tips for the White Truffle Cream Latte / Hot Chocolate. I wished they had told me about it earlier but anyway, I think I am such a natural for appreciating truffles that I had enjoyed it in a manner that best suited me.

I wish there was a Caffe Habitu in Singapore.

Caffe Habitu @ Elements Mall
Shop 1001, 1 Austin Road West,
Kowloon Station,
Tel: +852 2196-8466
Operating Hours:
Daily: 11am to 9.30pm
Caffe Habitu @ G.O.D. The Table

Space No. L1, 2nd Floor, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: +852 3579-4050

Operating Hours: Mondays to Thursdays: 9.15am to 10.30pm (Last Order: 10pm) Fridays & Saturdays: 9.15am to 11.15pm (Last Order: 10.30pm) Sundays & Public Holidays: 9.45am to 10.30pm (Last Order: 10pm)

Caffe Habitu @ Hutchison House

Shop G22-27, 10 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2147-2323

Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 7.30am to 9.30pm Saturdays & Sundays: 9.30 am to 6.30pm

Caffe Habitu @ Ocean Terminal

Shop OT G63, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Tel: +852 2115-9170

Operating Hours: Daily: 12pm to 9pm

Caffe Habitu @ Pacific Place Three

8 & 10 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2527-8999

Operating Hours: Mondays to Thursdays: 8am to 10pm Fridays & Saturdays: 8am to 11pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 9am to 9.30pm

Caffe Habitu @ Gloucester Road

77-79 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2111-2977

Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 8am to 9pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 10am to 7pm

Caffe Habitu @ Cityplaza
Shop 22B, 18 Taikoo Shing Road,
Taikoo Shing Island East, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2904-8676
Operating Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 8am to 10pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 9am to 10pm