Dragon Inn Char Siew Rice Stall @ Toa Payoh

Close to my favourite Fried Carrot Cake stall at Block 22 Toa Payoh Lorong 7, is a stall that sells delicious Roasted Pork Belly (aka Sio Bak).

Dragon Inn's Roast Pork

I chanced upon this stall some years back (think it was about 6 years ago) while waiting for my takeaway packets of Fried Carrot Cake to be ready. The flesh is moist, tasty and tender coupled with a crisp crackling. The pork belly is also usually a little leaner than those sold by many other stalls. This is worth a try.

If you're buying takeaway portions of the pork, do toast them in an oven before consuming because the packaging traps the moisture which compromises the crisp skin. The Char Siew here is a little too sweet for my liking and I've never tried their Roast Duck. Do let me know what you think, if you've tried the Roast Duck from this stall.

Long Men Ke Zhan (Dragon Inn) Char Siew Rice Stall

Everytime I come to this stall, I fight to keep a straight face while placing my order. The stall is named "Dragon Inn", after a martial arts movie of the same name.

In the movie, a beautiful and sultry innkeeper cons and kills lecherous men. Then she disposes of their bodies by erm...recycling them...ie. make them into meat buns. I saw the old version of this movie in the late 80s, I think they called the meat buns "Ren Rou Cha Shao Bao" which translates into "human char siew buns" but of course, they would never tell the clients the actual name and so they simply sold "Cha Shao Bao". Being the big CSI fan that I am, I am constantly reminded of what Gil Grissom said about human beings and pigs having a similar chemical make-up (or something to that effect) when he conducted an experiment using a pig.

Blk 19 Toa Payoh Lor 7

Dragon Inn Char Siew Rice Stall
Block 19,
Toa Payoh Lorong 7,
Singapore 310019