L'Angelus - Rustic French Food for the Soul


L'Angelus is my favourite restaurant for authentic traditional French food. It is a sister restaurant to Les Bouchons @ Ann Siang Hill, a place that I love for Steak Frites (Steak & French Fries).

Bread Roll

L'Angelus is located within a quaint conservation shophouse on Club Street. I love its bistro-like decor as the walls are adorned with beautiful vintage French movie posters. I have a penchance for vintage posters.

Salade Grande Ferme (Blue Cheese Salad with Lardons) Salade Grande Ferme Blue Cheese Salad with Lardons & Garlic Croutons

This is my favourite starter. It is essentially salad greens tossed with bits of Roquefort (Blue Cheese) and crisp yet juicy Lardons (fried bacon bits). I loved the strong, creamy flavour of the Roquefort against the crisp freshness of the greens. The combination was enhanced by the smoky flavour of lightly browned and juicy bacon bits. The garlic croutons were essentially warm garlic bread slices that had been freshly toasted, adding a fragrant herb-y accent to the salad.This is a Must-Try unless you cannot tolerate the flavour of Blue Cheese!

Cassoulet served in a Staub (La Cocotte) Cassoulet à l'ancienne

Cassoulet is a traditional rustic French stew that has its origins in the Southwest of France. It's a hearty bean stew containing meat, white haricot beans and pork skin that has been cooked slowly (traditionally cooked in a glazed earthen pot in an oven) for a few hours.The Cassoulet here is served in a Staub, La Cocotte (French Oven). I love cast iron pots like Staub and Le Creuset because of their fabulous heat retention qualities and how they are perfect for cooking stews in.

Cassoulet @ L'Angelus

Cassoulet is usually served as a one-pot meal during winter in France. Though we don't have winter in Singapore, I still love this dish because its the perfect comfort food on a cool day or when one is feeling hassled.This is one of my favourite main courses in addition to the Entrecote Rib Eye Steak (without any sauce) and Stewed Chicken with Morel Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce.The slow cooking process has caused the haricot beans to absorb the rich flavours of the sausages, ham, pork belly, duck, pork knuckle and tomatoes. The haricot beans were soft like how baked beans normally are except this isn't any ordinary baked beans dish. The flavour that confronts the palate is that of a smoky richness that is gastronomically pleasurable. The juicy chunks of meat and sausages added robust flavours to the stew. This dish should definitely be shared because it is too substantial for one diner to finish. This is a Must-Try!Incidentally, the serving portions of the dishes here are large so my friends and I would usually order a few dishes to share.

Pan-Fried Fish Pan-Fried Fish (think it was sole) with Lemon Butter Sauce

I tried a little of my friend's Pan-Fried Fish. It was well executed but I still prefer any of my 3 favourite main courses (mentioned above).

Lemon Butter Sauce

What I like about this place is that they serve the sauce on the side without you having to ask for it to be served in this manner.

This visit was over lunch, which wasn't such a good idea as we didn't have time for dessert and had to rush back to the office. The lunch cost about S$80-S$90 for 3 ladies.

Candle Holder depicting famous Parisian landmarks Pic taken during dinner last year

Please note that this place practises a French style of service ie. you should be prepared to dine over at least 1.5 hrs or more as they do not believe in rushing out courses. However, if you are short on time but still want to get your fix here, let the waiter know your time constraint when placing your orders and they will pace accordingly.

L'Angelus No. 85 Club Street Singapore 069453 Tel: 6225-6897

Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 12pm to 2pm & 7pm till late Saturdays: 7pm till late Closed on Sundays

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