Budget-Friendly Yong Tau Hu @ Chinatown Hawker Centre

In the current recessionary environment, many people are tightening their belts and bracing for a tough ride ahead. Thankfully in Singapore, we have easy access to inexpensive food in addition to pricier meals.

Niang Dou Fu Soup
Niang Dou Fu with Kway Teow Soup @ S$2

I came across a Niang Dou Fu stall at Chinatown Hawker Centre which sold bowls of Niang Dou Fu at SGD2 (about USD1.30) per bowl. I ordered some to try. The stock was tasty and the vegetables fresh. The Niang Dou Fu (usually pieces of tofu or vegetables with fish paste) here were reasonably tasty but not so good that it would blow you out of the water.

Chinatown Budget Niang Dou Fu Stall

It's decent food if you're looking for an inexpensive meal.

Chinatown Niang Dou Fu
Chinatown Complex Food Centre

335 Smith Street,
#02-146 Chinatown Complex
Singapore 050335