Glutinous Rice aka Sticky Rice @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

Friends, Family, Carby-Fans, lend me your forks!

I had dinner at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre this evening. En route to finding a table, I passed a stall that sold snacks such as Glutinous Rice, Chee Cheong Fun and Yam Cake. I thought it was odd as these items are usually sold in the mornings for breakfast or at most as tea-time light bites.

Glutinous Rice - Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre
Glutinous Rice @ S$1.50 (in picture) / S$2

The glistening pearls of Glutinous Rice (aka Sticky Rice) were too appealing to ignore, I had to order some to try. The pale colour of the Glutinous Rice didn't look particularly tasty but it reminded me of the Glutinous Rice that a friend bought for me from a famous stall in Chinatown. The rice was excellent! It was chockful of flavour, was not excessively mushy but had a pleasantly chewy and firm bite to it. The topping of roasted peanuts (with skin), sesame seeds, browned shallots and dried shrimp added a nice crunch and flavour to the rice. My parents and I loved it! It has less dried shrimp than the one sold by the famous hawker in Chinatown but its the closest thing available in my part of town (albeit at a more reasonable hour as the famous version is usually sold out by mid-morning). This is a Must-Try!

Yam Cake - Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre
Yam Cake @ S$2

The yam cake is pretty good but marred by the cloying sweetness of the sauce. The sauce tasted like the factory-made versions found in every food court and most hawker centres around Singapore. I must say that on this point, Chuen Chuen's sauce is better (they made it themselves so the sauce is less sweet and more fragrant) but the Yam Cakes at both places are just as good though the flavour and texture is slightly different. It depends on which version you prefer so you should try them for yourselves to decide.

I say go for the Glutinous Rice with wild abandon but try the Yam Cake without sauce.

Soon Huat Delights - Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre

Please note that there are 2 operators for this stall. This operator takes over on weekends and evenings.

Soon Huat Delights
Blk 51 Old Airport Rd
#01-77 Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre
Singapore 390051

Telephone: 9819-6347 / 9660-4332 (Ivy)

Operating Hours:
Fridays & Saturdays : 7.30pm to midnight
Saturdays & Sundays: 8.30am to 1.00pm

* PS: They take orders for larger quantities (advanced notice required).