Pasir Ris Laksa @ VivoCity's Food Republic

Only in Singapore do we have stalls named after their location (or as in some cases, the original location).

On my last visit to Food Republic at VivoCity a few weeks back, I was apprehensive about trying the unknown laksa stall. Pasir Ris Laksa had replaced Zhen Shan Mei Laksa at this foodcourt and even occupied the same stall. I was curious to try the new hawker's laksa.

Pasir Ris Laksa @ Food Republic, VivoCity

Claypot Laksa @ S$6.90

The price was similar to that of Zhen Shan Mei's. Seriously, at $6.90 per serving, this bowl of Laksa is the most expensive amongst those sold at any foodcourt or hawker stall in Singapore. However, having been willing to fork out the same amount for Zhen Shan Mei, I wanted to try it to see if tasted the same.

The flavour of the laksa was very similar to that of Zhen Shan Mei's. Could it be a rebranding exercise or the case of an ex-exployee who set up another stall using the same recipe? As I'm not in touch with the local hawker grapevine, I'm clueless on this front but trust that some of my readers would be in the know. :)

The rich laksa gravy was very tasty and was infused with the fragrance and flavour of the rempah (spice mix). Though the thick gravy was due to the use of coconut milk in its preparation, it was not excessively heavy. The gravy was not as spicy as I would have liked it but that was a problem that was easily resolved by adding the slightly sweet yet spicy sambal chili. The stallkeepers were not too particular about how much shredded laksa leaves one added, so I was happy to have added a spoonful into my laksa. The leaves add more fragrance to the dish. The prawns were fresh and crunchy, so were the cockles. This dish didn't leave me wanting except for a slight tinge of guilt at having eaten almost the entire bowl by myself. This laksa is a Must-Try!

Pasir Ris Laksa
Food Republic,
1 HarbourFront Walk,
#03-01 VivoCity,
Singapore 098585