Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa @ Vivocity

FW and I were craving Laksa so we shared a piping hot claypot of Laksa at Food Republic in Vivocity in addition to quite a few other dishes. I told her that I used to go to its original location at Depot Road at about 11.15am for lunch as the wait for the laksa was infamously long.

The laksa was very tasty with a rich stock which has been fortified by the fragrance and flavour of the rempah (spice mix). The gravy was also very rich due to the coconut milk but yet was not overly heavy. We loved the colour of the Laksa and especially loved the Tau Pok (Fried Tofu Puff) which has absorbed the rich gravy and was oozing with every bite. We also liked to top each flavourful spoonful of Laksa with the sambal chili as it enhances the spice factor.

FW and I usually prefer our Laksa to be a little more spicy but the way that Zhen Shan Mei serves it is fine by us as long as we have sambal chili to add more "heat" to the dish. The price at Vivocity is quite abit higher than at the outlet in Bukit Merah. I guess its to compensate for the high rental as Vivocity is very accessible.