Brazilian Cheese Bun @ Provence Bakery

It's hard to find delicious Brazilian Cheese Buns (Pão de queijo) in Singapore. I only know of 2 bakeries that sell it, Provence Bakery (a Japanese bakery named after a region in France) and Four Leaves.

Brazilian Cheese Bun

I guess some of you must be wondering what a Brazilian Cheese Bun is. It's a popular Brazilian breakfast bun or snack that's made of corn flour or cassava flour and grated cheese. It has a distinctively moist, soft and chewy centre.

I love the Brazilian Cheese Buns from Provence Bakery and find the ones from Four Leaves to be a little too heavy and oily.

Why do I love the cheese buns from Provence Bakery? The buns here have a crisp crust that gives way to a moist centre that is both fluffy yet chewy. The flavour of the cheese is distinctive yet not overpowering. I can eat a few without feeling the grease getting to me. I've been lucky to get a fresh batch from the oven on a few occasions. If you eat a freshly baked bun, the texture and fragrance is out of this world. That said, even the cooled buns are delicious.

Brazilian Cheese Buns are only available at the Holland Village cafe cum bakery and are not available at the Petit Provence outlet in Central. They sell 2 versions, the regular buns and a fried version that has been dusted with soy powder and icing sugar. I've tried both and prefer the regular buns. As taste is subjective, I would encourage you to try both to determine for yourself which of the 2 you prefer.

If you have the time to chill, take the opportunity to enjoy your pastries at the cafe. Attention is paid to every detail which is impressive for a little cafe. You'll find a wet towel on your tray for you to clean your hands before you eat, a napkin without you having to ask for any and if you're ordering hot tea with milk, the staff will make the effort to steam the milk for you.

PS: One of the most popular items at this bakery is the Choco Wassant (mini chocolate croissant) but if you're adventurous as far as bun textures go, you'll find the Brazilian Cheese Buns interesting. They're a MUST-TRY!

Provence Bakery & Cafe 17A Lorong Liput Holland Village Singapore 277731 Tel: 6467-6966

Operating Hours: Mondays - Fridays : 9.30am - 8.30pm Saturdays & Sundays: 8.30am - 8.30pm

* PS: Brazilian Cheese Buns are gluten-free. :)