Baikohken's Shoyu Ramen & Chili Paste

One of my favourite lunchtime haunts during the working week is Baikohken.

Baikohken's Shoyu Ramen.JPG

I had Shoyu Ramen (ramen in a soya sauce-based broth) on my last visit (without any additional butter this time) with a topping of Ajitama (stewed egg). The broth was delicious and not too salty whilst the egg was semi-hardboiled (as usual). We were seated at the counter and I couldn't help but keep looking at the little plastic bottles of chili paste on a shelf behind the chefs. I looked around the shop. I couldn't spot any bottles of chili at any of the tables. They all had miso paste but nope, no chili paste. As I love chili, I HAD to ask the chef for it! They passed me a bottle.

Baikohken's Chili Paste.JPG

Here's a close-up of the chili paste. It's soybean-based...kinda like a savoury version of the Korean Chili Paste. It was not too spicy but was a delightful mélange of saltiness and spiciness. I loved topping my egg with it and spoonfuls of ramen. This is a addition to the ramen, of course.Baikohken 7 North Canal Road Singapore 048820 Tel: +65 6534-3808

Operating Hours:

Lunch : 11.00 am - 3.00 pm Dinner : 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm