Wagyu Burger @ Superfamous


I'm sure many of you who work in the Raffles Place area would have heard of (if not eaten) the famous Wagyu Burger ($25) served at Superfamous.

Wagyu Burger @ Superfamous.JPG

Yeah, this is the Big Kahuna...hee hee! Ok...so it isn't the actual Kahuna burger from Pulp Fiction but it certainly is BIG on taste! The Wagyu Burger is "lubricated" *notti giggle* with Aioli (Provençal-style Garlic Mayonnaise) and topped with luscious Caramelised Onions. Check out the chunky Wagyu beef patty! Ooh la la! Now, that's what I call a burger patty! The meat has been chopped coarsely enough to allow diners to indulge in the succulent and firm bits of beef. This is an important detail as the coarse bits retain more moisture in the cooking process thereby ensuring that the resultant patty would be juicy yet firm to the bite. This is in opposition to the usual ground beef mince that is served in other establishments, whereby the meat is ground so finely that it loses too much moisture whilst cooking and results in dry, crumbly yet tough burger patties. This burger is definitely a Must-Try!

The sides of salad and potato wedges served as a healthy and a less-than-healthy component (respectively) to the dish. Notice, I never spoke about the "health rating" for the burger? That is health-rating exempt in my book...surely something that tastes sooo good couldn't be all that bad for your health, eh?

Burger Condiments @ Superfamous.JPG

The condiments of mustard, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise are served separately. This is great because I'm not a huge fan of Heinz Mayonnaise (the white blob looks and tastes like Heinz to me). I prefer the Japanese brand, QP. I'm not too big on ketchup either but absolutely love mustard (all kinds) and so I scooped a large blob onto my plate to dip my wedges into. I love potato wedges/fries with mustard & mayonnaise.

67 Chulia Street
Singapore 049515
(next to OCBC Centre and the Henry Moore sculpture)
Tel: 65 6223 0038

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5pm Bistro/Cafe
5pm - 12midnight Champagne/Martini Bar