Cantonese Roasted Meats @ Outram Park

Outram Park Roasted Meat.JPG

This is my favourite hawker stall in Singapore for Cantonese style roasted meats. It used to be located in Chinatown Complex Food Centre along Smith Street but has since been moved to Outram Park as the original food centre is still undergoing renovations. My mum and I popped by to pick up our order for dinner at Grandma's a few weekends ago. I'm always thrilled whenever mum tells me that she's placed an order for my favourite roast duck. :)

Char Siew @ Outram.JPG

I generally hate Char Siew (Barbecued Pork) because it tends to be a little too dry for my liking. However, the Char Siew sold by this store is succulent and I made the exception of eating quite a few slices more than I normally would have.

Roasted Belly Pork @ Outram.JPG

Though I generally do not like pork dishes, I like Siew Yuk (Roasted Pork Belly) especially if the skin is crisp and the flesh tender and juicy. I love the saltier bits of pork (reddish bits in the pic above) as it adds a savoury dimension.

Roast Duck @ Outram.JPG

My absolute favourite dish from this stall is the Roasted Duck. The duck's skin is always awesomely crisp and well-seasoned. I like how the flesh is not overly roasted to the point of being stringy but is still juicy and a pleasure to savour. Hmm...I hope we're going to order duck this weekend!

Outram Park Roasted Meat
Chinatown Complex Temporary Market & Food Centre
Stall # 185
1-197, 11 Outram Park (next to Outram Park MRT station)
Tel: 6224-4973

Operating Hours:
Daily (except for Wednesdays) : 11.00 am to 7.00pm

* PS: we usually place our orders for whole ducks by phone to avoid having to wait too long for the next batch of duck (the wait can take 2 hours if you reach there just as they've run out of duck).