Minced Pork Noodles @ Hong Lim

Had a late lunch with Joyce. It was a good thing because I finally had the opportunity to try the famous Minced Pork Noodles at Hong Lim that I had heard so much about but the queue during lunch always put me off. I must say that the stall's name drives me insane with mirth. "Ah Kow" has such negative implications because it is a stereotypical nickname for "Ah Bengs" aka Singaporean Hoodlum. Thankfully, the uncle taking orders is very sweet and friendly.

I like the "dry" noodles here because that the sauce in which they were tossed was very tasty. The chili was adequately spicy and the dish had just the right amount of black vinegar. If you hate vinegar, please ask the uncle to exclude it but I find that it helps to whet the appetite and reduces the starchiness of the noodles. I love the bits of fried dried flatfish that add crunchy hints of savouriness (aka umami) to the dish. The flatfish is a distinguishing feature of Teochew cuisine (eg. Teochew fish soup etc) that is disappearing. Apparently the cost of the fish is pretty high. Many hawkers selling Teochew food that traditionally include bits of this fish omit it to reduce costs. The stewed mushrooms were tasty and firm yet were not as oily as some versions I've had. Unfortunately, the noodles were cooked till just a little past al dente when I had it.


TSA raves about the dumplings from this shop and so I shared a bowl with her during lunch some weeks back. This time, I was raving about the dumplings to Joyce and so we shared a bowl too. What I like about the dumplings is that the dumpling skin is not too soft (a sign of being overcooked) but is al dente, the minced pork filling was tasty without being too salty but what won bonus points in my book was the fact that they contained chopped bits of dried flat fish. The noodles and dumplings here are definitely a Must-Try!

Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee
Blk 531 A Upper Cross St.,
#02-43 Hong Lim Market & Food Centre