Nagasaki Chanpon @ Botan

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I had lunch with RL at Botan today. I like going to Botan for their Nagasaki Chanpon (@ S$10) as the soup is very tasty and it contains lots of vegetables. It also contains squid, sliced pork, sliced local fish cake and Kamaboko (Japanese fishcake). The ramen noodles are still pretty firm to the bite and the serving of noodles is not too large to give one a carb overload.

Years ago, when I used to come here for lunch with TSH, the 2 of us would share a bowl of Nagasaki Chanpon and order a side dish. Yes, the portions were that huge that it could easily fill 2 ladies without the need for additional dishes. The price has not differed but the portion size seems to have shrunk. I guess inflation has finally caught up and the S$10 serving size is now equivalent in size to that of the S$8 serving size which is usually offered to ladies. Nonetheless, the soup is still very flavoursome and this feels like a wholesome one-course meal. This is a Must-Try!

When you get there, you'll also note that there is another version called the Nagasaki Sara Udon. Its essentially the same broth that has been thickened with starch to form a rich sauce for the seafood, vegetables and pork slices. The thin noodles used in this dish have been deep-fried till they're crispy before the sauce is poured over them. This dish is similar to "Sang Mien" (a Cantonese dish whereby the egg noodles have been deep-fried to form a crispy base for the thick sauce). This dish is served with some yellow mustard on the side. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent picture to show you but the next time I visit, I will definitely try to snap a better picture.

36 Pekin St
#01-01 Far East Square
Singapore 048766
Tel: 6536-4404
* It's located opposite Kazbar

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 11.30am - 3pm (Last order @ 2.30pm)
& 6 - 10pm