Nasi Padang @ Aroma


My new colleagues, CT and FC, brought me to a coffeeshop which served Nasi Padang for lunch during my first month at work. I rarely eat Nasi Padang because its hard to find good ones in Singapore.

I ordered Sayur Lodeh, Beef Rendang, Begedil and Sauteed Spinach, which I complemented with Sambal Belacan. I love Sayur Lodeh (Vegetable Stewed in Coconut Curry) as its a fragrantly spicy mix of beans, carrots, cabbage and tofu blocks in a rich coconut milk-based gravy. The Sayur Lodeh here didn't disappoint as the gravy was very tasty and not excessively rich. The Beef Rendang was very fragrant and had just the right amount of spices. The beef cubes were tender unlike those served in many places which had stony pieces that test the strength of the cutlery used. The Begedil (spiced potato cutlet) was just a tad oilier than I would have preferred but it was delicious because it was still crispy on the outside with a savoury, spicy and fluffy centre. It went perfectly with the Sambal Belacan (pounded chili with shrimp paste) which was pleasurably piquant. The Sauteed Spinach was mushy as is usually the case but I loved it nonetheless as it provided a refreshing aspect to a plate filled with spicy dishes. This place is definitely worth a try if you're in the area and have a craving for a plate of Nasi Padang served with a smile.

9 North Canal Road
Tel: 6327-8628