My Mum's Place - Encore


After such a scrumptious meal at My Mum's Place, I had to bring my family there for lunch on New Year's Day.

We had the following dishes:

1) Golden Squid
2) Deep-Fried Meatballs
3) Tau Pok Stuffed with Seafood
4) Luohan Vegetable Casserole
5) KL-Style Black Hokkien Mee
6) Black Pepper Beef
7) Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish

As I've already covered the first 5 dishes in my previous post, I'll focus on the ones not covered previously. I'm happy to report that the 5 dishes drew a very satisfied response from my family members.

The Black Pepper Beef dish was very tasty but I still preferred the Oxtail Stew. Unfortunately, due to the festive season, the price for oxtail was very high that week and Shirley didn't have the time to prepare it. Nonetheless, the Black Pepper Beef was pretty good because the beef slices were tender (like in the Black Pepper Beef Horfun in my previous post).
During the previous meal at My Mum's Place, Ivan told us that he had forgotten to place an order for the Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish and had tried to add the order but was told that there would be too much food. Judging from his disappointment, I figured that this dish must have been very good. I ordered it during the family outing and we were not disappointed.

Though this is a simple dish which is not very colourful and is a typical home-cooked dish, don't be fooled into thinking that its bland and uninteresting. This chicken pieces were very smooth and tender, which was a pleasure to chew. It was also nicely flavoured with salted fish bits and ginger slices. This dish is perfect with steamed rice. It was finished in a jiffy and even the children at the table wanted more. This is also a MUST-TRY!