Jamocha Coffee

Jamocha signage.jpg

I was running some errands at Dhoby Ghaut when I chanced upon a little cafe called Jamocha. I like their tagline which reads: "Life's too short to drink bad coffee!". Well said, I subscribe to that philosophy too! :)

There was a kindly gentleman running the place who told me that his coffee beans are imported from various countries. According to the brochure, the specialty coffees are: Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Australian Skybury, Columbia Supremo, Costa Rica, Kenya AA and Ethiopia.
They serve a Jamocha coffee drink which is apparently a cappuccino mixed with 3 types of flavoured syrup. It was not too sweet and I was trying to guess the mix but he wouldn't spill saying that it was a secret mix and their specialty, ok I can live with that. I only got one of the syrups right apparently, there was a touch of Hazelnut in the mix.

They also serve specialty teas from Sabaidi (a Thai brand). The tea bags in the front of the box are Orange Spice, Thai Breakfast, Bael Fruit and Lemongrass. They also sell quite a range of gifts from Sabaidi and Illy Coffee.

For those who love to fill your candy jars with interesting candies or give candies away, you can also check out the candies on sale here. Unfortunately, when I got to the shop, I was still very full from lunch at Sofra and ice-cream at Tom's Palette so I did not try any of their candies. I was given a small piece of brownie to sample. The brownie was quite interesting in that it also contained some coffee beans in the mix, it was not excessively sweet and was a nice blend of chocolate and coffee (2 of my favourite foods). Apparently they sell gift boxes of containing brownies too. Hmm...the variety is impressive for a little shop.

Jamocha - The Beannie Boutique

11 Orchard Road,
#B1-09 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station,
Singapore 238826
Tel: 6837-3391