Cedele's Cranberry Scone


T'is the season to be eating... :)

I met a friend for coffee at Cedele on Monday afternoon. I had the Scone Tea Set with an upgrade to a cuppa Latte while she had a Latte. I usually order the Raisin Scone but in light of the festive season, I chose the Cranberry Scone instead.

What I love about the scones at Cedele is that they're fragrant, flavoursome, crumbly and generously packed with ingredients (ie raisins or cranberries). They're also probably one of the only cafes in Singapore that doesn't serve "stones" as I think I could break many windows with the "stones for scones" served in many other cafes here.

Upon ordering, the staff will warm up the scone, which is a necessary step for butter to melt into the fluffy interior. Another important factor for me is the fact that they serve unsalted butter with the scone, which I feel is optimal in the absence of "clotted cream" (scones are typically served in Cornwall with clotted cream and jam) as the butter smoothens the texture of the crumbly scone and yet is not so salty that it detracts from the scone's rich flavours. The scone has a light buttery taste which is well-complemented by the sweet and mildly tart flavour of cranberries. I would say that the scones at Cedele are definitely a MUST-TRY for those who wish to enjoy a scone without losing any teeth.

PS, even though this is Christmas, I don't wanna be singing "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth."