Godfather of Australian Cuisine, Tony Bilson x Tandoor's Suri


Last chance to catch Celebrity Chef Tony Bilson (often referred to as the Godfather of Australian Cuisine) today! Chef Tony Bilson is in Singapore for a rare collaboration with Tandoor's Head Chef Vaibhav Suri till 23 November.

Australian Celebrity Chef Tony Bilson collaborates with Tandoor's Head Chef Suri

The duo have created a menu showcasing the rich flavours of Indian cuisine prepared using non-traditional Indian cooking technique such as sous vide and non-traditional ingredients such as quail. I was invited for a preview of Tony Bilson's Menu last week and will be covering what I felt were the highlights of that dinner.

Roomali Red Snapper Chaat: Carpaccio of red snapper with tangy chilli & lemon dressing. Tony Bilson & Suri collaboration at Tandoor. 2014
Roomali Red Snapper Chaat
Carpaccio of red snapper with tangy chilli & lemon dressing

Due to the rain and various schedule overruns that day, dinner got off to a late start but I staved off hunger with lots of papadums and Mint Raita.  My favourite appetizer that evening was the Roomali Red Snapper Chaat because of how the tangy and slightly spicy dressing lifted the natural sweetness of the fish without overwhelming it. This is a Must-Try!

Tawa Scallops at Tandoor - Tony Bilson x Suri
Tawa Scallops
Indian spiced pan seared deep sea scallops with saffron and fennel sabayon

Next we were served some Tawa Scallops. The lightly spiced scallops had lovely caramelized edges that enhanced the flavours of the spices used to season the scallops. Served with some saffron and fennel sabayon, the scallops tasted great on their own but dipping some into the sabayon added a lovely creamy texture with a touch of spices. Worth a try.

Tandoor Bharwan Duck & Tandoori Australian Squab - Tony Bilson x Suri
Tandoori Bharwan Duck (at the back) & Tandoori Australian Squab (in front)

We were offered tasting portions of all four main courses although diners will only be required to select two mains when ordering the $88 set dinner menu. At the back of the plate, is a portion of Tandoori Bharwan Duck which comprises a marinated duck leg that had been stuffed with Foie Gras and is served with mushroom and pea puree. The duck was succulent but I could barely taste the foie gras in my piece. I preferred the Squab for it's browned and slightly crisp skin that protected the tender flesh. Between the two items on this plate, I preferred the squab.

Pathar ka Bataer (quail) & Vilayati Sarson Gosht (Slow cooked Australian Lamb Shoulder) at Tandoor - Tony Bilson x Suri
Pathar ka Bataer (quail) & Vilayati Sarson Gosht (Slow cooked Australian Lamb Shoulder)

The other two main courses offered to diners are the Quail and the Lamb Shoulder. Almost everyone at the table fell in love with the slow-cooked Australian Lamb Shoulder that was crusted with grainy mustard marinade and would be served on basmati pulao with Indian demi-glaze during dinner. Tender and juicy without a gamey flavour, the Lamb Shoulder is a Must-Try!

Fluffy Naan with Olives at Tandoor
Naans with Olives

The Naans at Tandoor are seriously addictive. Even though we were feeling pretty stuffed from all the food that had been served all evening, none of us at our side of the table could resist gorging on the warm fluffy naans that we could pull apart easily with our fingers. Given a modern twist, the naans here were topped with olives and reminded me somewhat of the bread at Osia. The Naans here are a Must-Try!

Goat Cheese Pinwheel at Tandoor - Tony Bilson x Suri

Though I'm generally not a huge fan of goat cheese, I loved the delicate flavour and creaminess of the Goat Cheese Pinwheel that was served to us at the end of dinner. This is worth a try if you like goat cheese.

Indian Spiced Chocolate at Tandoor - Tony Bilson x Suri
Indian Spiced Chocolate

I was suffering from food coma and forgot to snap a photo of the Caramelised Cardamom Fig Tart that was just a little too sweet for my liking. Essentially a puff tart shell filled with almond marzipan, caramelized cardamom fresh figs with raspberry sorbet and espresso mousse; I think I would have enjoyed it better if I hadn't had so much to eat. I couldn't resist the Indian spiced chocolate though. Seasoned with warm spices such as cinnamom and cardamom, I couldn't help but think of Christmas. The Indian Spiced Chocolate is also a Must-Try!

If you're a huge fan of Tony Bilson, you'd be pleased to know that Tandoor will be giving away Tony Bilson’s autographed ‘Fine Family Cooking’ recipe book daily to diners! A selection of his dishes will continue to be featured on Tandoor's menu till the end of January 2015.

Tony Bilson’s Visit to Tandoor 
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PS: Thank you, Tandoor and Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, for the kind hospitality.