Fish & Chips @ Seasonal Salad Bar, Toa Payoh


I was apprehensive when I first entered Seasonal Salad Bar in Toa Payoh (previously known as Chum Steakhouse). It seemed to be yet another casual eatery that serves generic fried and grilled dishes with an all-you-can-eat salad bar that fills the belly but often leaves me wishing I'd gone for a hawker meal instead.

Yummy Fish & Chips for lunch at Seasonal Salad Bar.
Fish & Chips @ S$18.90
From the Lunch Express menu with all-you-can-eat Salad Bar & a soft drink

As we were pretty early, the fairly large restaurant looked alarmingly empty. Erring to the side of caution, I ordered a dish that's difficult to ruin - Fish & Chips. Encased within the thin, crisp and light batter was a moist and firm dory fillet that was deliciously sweet. Slightly savoury without being excessively salty, I loved biting into the batter and almost wished I could swap the fries out for more fish or just fried batter (hmm). The fries were disappointing because they didn't have a crisp crust and fluffy core. The fries almost bordered on being mildly limp and soggy. Thank goodness, the dish comprised a generous slab of fish and just a small mound of fries. The battered fish from the Fish & Chips dish is a Must-Try!

Lunch Express Menu at Seasonal Salad Bar
Lunch Express Menu - Seasonal Salad Bar

I didn't take a picture of the salad bar as it got crowded fairly quickly from about 12.15 pm and the spread wasn't particularly inspiring. My pick from the line would be the Moroccan Beef Stew as it was hearty with tender chunks of beef and carrots. I actually had two small bowls! I didn't like the soft-serve chocolate ice cream from the line but I must say, the Fish & Chips are worth trying if you're in the vicinity.

Seasonal Salad Bar - Staff Discounts 

Staff of quite a few large companies (eg. Philips, HDB, SPH, STMicroElectronics) located in Toa Payoh are offered a 10% discount off regular menu items. Check the poster in the image above for details.

Seasonal Salad Bar - Toa Payoh
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Operating Hours: Daily 11 am to 10 pm
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