Au Revoir, Guy Savoy Singapore


Guy Savoy Singapore at Marina Bay Sands, the local incarnation of the Paris-based three Michelin-starred restaurant, will be calling it a day from 3 February 2014.

My first and only visit so far to Guy Savoy Singapore was a year ago. I haven't been back since, not because I didn't like the food but because there are many other less expensive restaurants in Singapore and parking at Marina Bay Sands is a major pain in the posterior. Contrary to what some readers seem to think, cost is an important factor for me as I switched careers a few years back and took a paycut (yes, I paid for my food). Perhaps, it was factors such as a premium price point and expensive but hard to come by parking that helped to contribute to the restaurant's demise? In any case,  I'm looking forward to having my final fix in the coming days before the restaurant shutters for good and I'm left with the memory of the food, showmanship, detailed presentation and excellent service at Guy Savoy Singapore.

Guy Savoy's Amuse Bouche: Foie Gras Terrine on Toast
Amuse Bouche: Foie Gras Terrine on Toast

My friends and I visited Guy Savoy Singapore to try the Lunch "En Demi" menu, which offered us an opportunity to enjoy an exquisite meal for a lot less than the cost of dinner. The prices on the lunch menu are half of those for dinner, half the portion at half the price. Fair deal! We opted for the four-course "The Lunch Club" set priced at S$150 per person. The dining experience was lovely with impeccable service from the attentive crew. When we'd gotten comfortable at our table, we were given a metal toothpick each with our first Amuse Bouche - Foie Gras Terrine on Toast. The cool slices of buttery Foie Gras Terrine melted in our mouths and coated the warm, fluffy toast. It left me yearning for more but control, I must, for there's more food to be savoured. A Must-Try! :)

Guy Savoy: Waffle with Melted Parmesan & Tellicherry Pepper
Amuse Bouche: Waffle with Melted Parmesan & Tellicherry Pepper

Next, we were served a warm Waffle with Melted Parmesan and Tellicherry Black Pepper. The light waffle had a buttery flavour that was given a savoury lift from the thin layer of melted Parmesan Cheese. Freshly ground Tellicherry Black Pepper, reputed as one of the world's finest peppercorns, added a touch of spice to the waffle. We couldn't resist going for seconds even though we'd had some bread with butter in addition to the Foie Gras Terrine Amuse Bouche. This is also a Must-Try.

Guy Savoy - Amuse Bouche - Warm Chestnut Soup with Brunoise of Celery, Green Apple, Daikon & Chopped Herbs. Powdered Pistachio on the side.
Amuse Bouche: Warm Chestnut Soup with Brunoise of Celery,
Green Apple, Daikon, Chopped Herbs & Powdered Pistachio

The third Amuse Bouche was intriguing. We were instructed to push the powdered pistachio into the warm Chestnut Soup before consuming it. The powdered pistachio added a nutty and slightly astringent flavour to the slightly sweet chestnut soup that was dotted with tiny cubes of green apple, Daikon and celery. When we lifted the cup to drink the velvety chestnut soup, we were pleasantly surprised to discover part two of the Amuse Bouche.

Guy Savoy's Amuse Bouche 2 (part 2) - Chestnut Royale (gelee), Watercress Purée, Pistachio Tuile & Herb SaladChestnut Royale, Watercress purée, pistachio tuile, herb salad

Hidden under the other cup was a demi-sphere of Chestnut Royale with Watercress Purée, Pistachio Tuile and Herb Salad. I couldn't help but notice how this dish was essentially chestnut and pistachio done in two ways, nice touch! The chestnut custard was refreshing and slightly creamy which enhanced the lingering flavour of chestnut soup that remained on the palate. This is a Must-Try!

Guy Savoy Singapore's Salmon - Cold Seared over Dry Ice
Salmon "Frozen" on Ice, Scalding Hot Consomme, Lemon Pearls
Lunch "En Demi" a la carte price $25

The presentation for my friend's entrée was really interesting. The chef wheeled out a dry ice block which he used to sear slices of salmon to create a firmer texture on the outside without cooking through the fish. The cold seared salmon was served on Bok Choy with Finger Lime Pearls, Chervil Jelly, topped with fleur de sel and hot Lemongrass Bouillon. I tried a small portion of the salmon which had a lovely clean flavour.

Bubbling with cold steam from the dry ice
(sorry about the vertical video)

The presentation for my lobster entree was also pretty cool with cold steam flowing out from my plate and the soothing sound of bubbling water as the dry ice sublimated. Dining at Guy Savoy Singapore is indeed turning out to be quite an experience to remember.

Guy Savoy Singapore's Lobster "Raw Cooked" in Cold Steam
Lobster "Raw-Cooked" in Cold Steam
Lunch "En Demi" a la carte price $40

The cold steam dissipated to reveal a timbale of of Lobster in the middle of a perforated plate within a larger plate. The timbale comprised a layer of lobster carpaccio and a layer of lobster tartare with a caramelised lobster tuile in between the layers. Seasoned with lobster vinaigrette, the dish had an appetizing tang whilst complementing the natural sweetness of the lobster.

Guy Savoy Singapore' Chilled Lobster Bouillon
Lobster Bouillon

Served with a chilled Lobster bouillon that tasted like lighter version of Lobster Bisque, this lobster dish was interesting for its medley of flavours and textures.

Guy Savoy's Layered Brioche with Mushrooms with Black Truffle Butter Spread
Warm Layered Mushroom Brioche with Black Truffle Butter
 Lunch "En Demi" a la carte price $45

Now for the pièce de résistance at Guy Savoy Singapore, Artichoke Black Truffle Soup and Layered Brioche with Mushrooms and Truffles. We were served a warm brioche that was layered with brown button mushrooms and spread with a generous dollop of whipped black truffle butter. Divine! The earthy flavours of the black truffle and brown button mushrooms combined with the buttery flavour of the brioche to render us momentarily speechless as we savoured every mouthful. I had to stop myself from devouring it all before dipping some brioche with the soup.

Guy Savoy's Artichoke Black Truffle Soup with Parmesan Shavings
Artichoke Black Truffle Soup with Shavings of Parmesan & Black Truffle

The lusciously creamy Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup combined the sweet and nutty taste of artichokes with the savoury slices of Parmesan and earthy fragrance of black truffle. Rich without being excessively heavy, the Artichoke Soup is absolutely a MUST-TRY at Guy Savoy Singapore!

Guy Savoy Singapore's Shoulder of Australian Wagyu in two preparations, young carrots and potato "Maxim's"
Shoulder of Australian Wagyu in two preparations, young carrots & potato "Maxim's"
 Lunch "En Demi" a la carte price $60

My main course was a delectable shoulder of Australian Wagyu prepared in two ways. Next to the salad was a piece of seared wagyu beef dotted with fresh wasabi. Delightfully tender with a natural beefy flavour, the freshly grated wasabi added a sweet and spicy touch to the grilled Wagyu shoulder. The piece that had been braised in red wine sauce was robustly flavoured and so tender, it seemed to melt in the mouth! Most definitely a Must-Try!

Guy Savoy Singapore's Potato "Maxim's"
Potato "Maxim's"

The accompanying Potato "Maxim's" while executed well, seemed a little underwhelming after all the other dishes that preceded it.

Guy Savoy Singapore's Chocolate Orb (whole)
Chocolate Orb
 Lunch "En Demi" a la carte price $35

The Chocolate Orb was highly recommended by the knowledgeable and helpful staff. I was wondering how I was going to crack the sphere without creating a flying chocolate ball when the staff presented a pitcher of hot chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Orb being melted down with Hot Chocolate Sauce
(sorry about the vertical orientation for the vid)

Here's a video showing the top of the chocolate sphere being melted down with hot chocolate sauce.

The chocolate orb is revealing its core

Shortly after top of the sphere was melted down, the seams at the side split apart to reveal the core of poached pear in chocolate sauce. The rich flavour of the dark chocolate shell and sauce was brightened up by the sweetness of the poached pear and pear sorbet. Definitely a Must-Try!

Guy Savoy Singapore's Mignardises
Mignardises - Clockwise from top right: Green Apple Pâté de Fruit, Chocolate Gianduja Bonbon, 
Raspbery with Basil Sorbet &  Île Flottante (Baked Egg White with Orange Sauce)


We were then served a slate each of Mignardises. Shaped like a candy, the slightly tart Green Apple Pâté de Fruit (fruit paste) was refreshing after a heavy meal. A twist on traditional Île Flottante (Baked Egg White with Orange Sauce), it was like a lighter and less sweet alternative to Grand Marnier Soufflé and was noticeably served without any custard sauce. The firm Raspberry was given a refreshing touch by the Basil Sorbet while the Chocolate Gianduja Bonbon was rich and nutty, my favourite item on the platter.

Guy Savoy Singapore's Earl Grey Tea Sorbet with Black Pepper Cream Sauce
Earl Grey Tea Sorbet with Black Pepper Crème Anglaise

Earl Grey Tea Sorbet was slightly astringent with the distinctive fragrance of Bergamot. The warm and spicy flavour of the Black Pepper Crème Anglaise (cream sauce) enhanced the zestiness of the Bergamot creating a slightly more intense and uplifting flavour. The Earl Grey Tea Sorbet is a Must-Try!

Guy Savoy Singapore

When the news broke, my friends and I made reservations to visit Guy Savoy Singapore for the last time. I hope that this stellar restaurant will return to our sunny shores again in the future.

Guy Savoy Singapore
L2-01, Atrium 2
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
(access via the elevator opposite Mikimoto to the 2nd floor)
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Phone: +65 6688 8513
Operating Hours: Lunch: Friday & Saturday  12 pm to 2 pm
Bar Dining: Tuesday - Saturday 6 pm to 10.30 pm
Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday 6 pm to 10.30 pm
* Guy Savoy Singapore's last day of operations is on 2 February 2014 (Sunday) & on this day, the restaurant will be open for lunch & dinner.