5 Extracts Coffee in Seoul


If you're looking for a good coffee fix in Seoul, check out 5 Extracts in Hongdae. Opened by Korea's 2011 Barista Champion, Choi Hyun Sun, the cafe and roastery is located in a small lane just a stone's throw away from the bustling crowd.

My cuppa latte at 5 Extracts - Seoul, Korea
Latte at 5 Extracts

The cafe's name refers to the 5 elements that need to be balanced in a good brew, namely body, aroma, acidity, bitterness and sweetness. 5 Extract's Latte was a well-balanced cup with silky microfoam and hints of chocolate. The milk had been frothed to its sweet spot and thus, no sugar was required. A Must-Try if you're in the Hongdae area in Seoul.

5Extracts' Interior - Seoul, Korea

The hipster cafe was eclectically decorated with mismatched furniture that combine bright colours with muted wooden tones. In addition to Espresso-based coffee, the cafe offers a wide variety of brewing methods to suit your preference.

5EXTRACTS Coffee - Seoul - Sep 2013
Is it just me or is the coffeeshop's sign pretty cheeky? ;)

Having recently endured 4 coffee-less days in China, I felt a strong urge upon my return to share tips with fellow coffee lovers on where one can find decent coffee while on vacation. May you get a decent coffee fix wherever you go. Do remember to share tips with fellow caffeine addicts too, alright?

5 Extracts
Seogyo-dong 405-10, 
Seoul, South Korea
Phone: +82-02-324-5815
Foursquare: http://4sq.com/fQNDxd
PS: I burst out laughing when I took the photo of the shopfront as the sign seems to be playing tricks on the eye. Do you see what I see? ;)