Saffron Risotto at No Menu


I've been meaning to try "No Menu" by Osvaldo for the longest time but never got around to doing so till last Friday. A bunch of us decided to hop over for a quick and late dinner after drinks at Kyo.

Risotto alla Zafferano at No Menu. Saffron #Risotto. #love
Risotto alla Zafferano @ S$ 29
Saffron Risotto
(pardon the photography as the dark dining hall proved too challenging for my iPhone 5's camera to handle)

I entered the family-style Italian restaurant craving a homemade pasta dish but couldn't resist the Saffron Risotto on the menu.

Saffron is one of my favourite spices while Risotto is one of my favourite Italian dishes. The Saffron Risotto here was perfectly executed. The rice grains were al dente with a perfect balance of saffron and cheese in the risotto. Though there was no other ingredients to embellish the dish or up the luxe factor, none was required because a perfectly cooked plate of Saffron Risotto requires nothing else to lift its flavour. This dish is definitely a Must-Try!

If you love Saffron Risotto as much as I do, this has to be my favourite version since Bice (my old-time favourite Italian restaurant in Singapore for Saffron Risotto) at Goodwood Park closed down.

Meringue & Ricotta at No Menu
Petit Fours: Meringue & Ricotta

We were too stuffed for dessert but the waitress gave us some Meringue and Ricotta while we waited for the bill. The meringue was light without being excessively sweet while the whipped ricotta filling added a creamy touch. A lovely end to the meal.

No Menu
21/23 Boon Tat Street,
Singapore 069621
Telephone: +65 6224-0091
Operating Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 11.30am to 2pm (Lunch)
Monday to Saturday: 6.30pm to 10pm (Dinner)
Closed on Sundays.