Breakfast Chee Cheong Fun from Amoy Street Hawker Centre

One of my favourite local breakfast food is Chee Cheong Fun (steamed rice flour rolls). They're usually sold smothered with sweet sauce and chili sauce. As I prefer savoury food to sweet food, I usually opt to omit the sweet sauce and chili.

Chee Cheong Fun for #breakfast. A bright start to my morning. #yum #love

Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉

 @ S$1.20

My plate of Chee Cheong Fun draws its flavour from the soy sauce and lightly toasted sesame seeds. I feel that this helps me to better appreciate the delicate and almost bland flavour of the steamed rice rolls. Most of my friends like Chee Cheong Fun with the sweet sauce but I don't because the sauce is usually cloyingly sweet and smothers the barely there flavour of the rice rolls. The addition of oil to the dish, helps to lubricate the warm and smooth chunks of sliced rice rolls making them so smooth, they seem to slide down the throat.

amoy ccf stall photo

It's so hard to find silky smooth Chee Cheong Fun in Singapore these days but I'm really happy to share that the best I've found of late is sold at this stall in Amoy Street Hawker Centre. Run by an elderly couple and a lady, the stall is very popular and you can easily identify which one it is by the queue in front of it. My friends like the sweet sauce, which isn't as starchy or as sweet as the factory produced ones. The old folks very proudly claimed to make the sauce from scratch. Other than the Chee Cheong Fun rolls that are sourced, all other items are made by them and they start working from midnight to get everything ready for sale by 6 am.

They sell Yam Kueh, Pumpkin Kueh, Rice Kueh and Soon Kueh 笋粿 as well. The latter 3 items are usually sold out by 7-8am with regulars placing advanced orders the day before. I tried the Yam Kueh and Soon Kueh but found them disappointing. However, the Chee Cheong Fun is a Must-Try!

Luan Jie Cooked Food

7 Maxwell Road

#01-30 Amoy Street Food Centre

Singapore 069111

Operating Hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 6 am to 10 am (or till they run out)

Sundays: Closed